Thomas Lauderdale
with his Randoseru for 17 years


How did Thomas Lauderdale, the leader and founder of the eclectic Portland-based international orchestra band Pink Martini, come across Randoseru? And why has he fallen in love with it so much that he's been using it every day for the past 17 years? We interviewed him at his beautiful old home base in downtown Portland to find out.

* The Randoseru he carries is not made by Tsuchiya Kaban.

An Unexpected Encounter

The Randoseru was a surprise gift from a boyfriend he was seeing at the time. He forgot about it until about half a year later and tried to use it, immediately falling in love with the fit, versatility, and one-of-a-kind design. Over the next 17 years, it has become his companion not only for daily use but anywhere he goes from the outdoors to world tours (even on stage).

Using it Creates Your Own Color

In Japan, the same school bag is used every day for six years. Despite that, it is still OK to be handed down to others and the leather's texture and color change as they age so that no two are alike. Thomas believes it’s an indispensable backpack that anyone from adults to kids can use not only for six years but on and on.

What's in His Bag?

Items that he always packs in his Randoseru are notebooks for his journal and songwriting, a film camera, pencils, and cigarettes. All of these things are indispensable for his creativity. Because of its gusset, it’s easy to put in and take out things while they also stay protected.

About Thomas Lauderdale

Interested in politics since his teens, Thomas was extremely active in it while enrolled at Harvard and after graduation performed at fundraisers for progressive political causes such as education and civil rights in the heart of Portland. This led to the creation of his orchestral band Pink Martini which performs in dozens of languages, fusing classical, jazz, and timeless pop music. While touring all over the USA, Europe, Japan, and the rest of the world Thomas' Randoseru has become essential and his trademark. @pinkmartini

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