Repair Inquiries

To allow you to use our leather products with complete peace of mind, Tsuchiya Kaban’s professional craftspeople will assist in the handling of any necessary repairs.

We welcome you to contact us through email if you have any repair-related questions or would like to know more about our repair service. Please send the following information to our customer support email, and our support staff will assist you as soon as possible during working hours.

Customer Support email:
Please be sure to include the following information in your email.

・Full name of purchaser
・Contact number
・Place of purchase
・Date of purchase (year/month/date)
・Purchase order number (if purchased through the website)
・One frontal photograph of the package to be repaired and two clear close-up photographs of the place to be repaired.



Online Repair Inquiries and Process

STEP 1 Inquiring about a repair

Please contact us through our repair inquiry customer support email.

Based on the information and photos that you provided, we will consult with Japan and also have our expert repair craftspeople conduct a preliminary repair assessment. Our customer support staff will reply to you within three to five working days after receiving confirmation.

If the damages to your product are unable determined through the photos, we will ask you to send the product you wish to have repaired to our company for an assessment.

STEP 2 Explaining the repair method and cost

Our customer support staff will contact you via email or phone to explain the suggested repair method, the time required, and the cost. The assessment period is about 10 working days

The repair period is typically 8 to 10 weeks, but may take even longer during long weekends or if parts are not readily available.

STEP 3 Sending the product for repair

After providing an online price quotation and confirming that you would like to send your product in for repair, our customer support staff will ask you to send or personally deliver the product to a designated location.

If you already sent the product to the company for an assessment during the inquiry period, our customer support staff will arrange for repairs after obtaining your permission.

STEP 4 Starting the repair

Depending on what type of repairs are needed, your product will be repaired by either Tsuchiya Kaban-certified craftspeople overseas or by our craftspeople in Japan.

The repair period is typically 8 to 10 weeks. There is the possibility that the repair will take more than 10 weeks if parts are difficult to obtain, or in the case of long weekends in Japan or force majeure situations.

STEP 5 Paying for the repair

After the repair of goods, customer service staff will notify you to pay the repair costs.

STEP 6 Delivering the repaired product

After confirmation of payment, we will deliver the repaired product to your designated address through cash on delivery, or ask you to come to pick it up at our store.

For inquiries not related to repairs, please contact our customer support staff through our "Contact Us" page.