Pink Martini

Thomas with his Friends
Sharing his Love of Randoseru Vol.2

Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale, who has been using a Randoseru for 17 years, had an idea when he saw Tsuchiya's artisanal Randoseru and other bags for the first time.  “I really want my friends and family to experience these unique leather bags too!"  So, we helped him host a try-on party at his downtown flat in Portland.  We brought all our favorite bags, turned on some Pink Martini and took some great photos of him and his friends, just having fun!  

Continued from Vol.1

Hunter Noack / Classical Pianist

“Fits on my back perfectly and is easy to move in. I was amazed to learn this bag is waterproof! We want to wear these together, Thomas in red and me in black.”

Thomas Ackerman

“The minimal design lets the materials and functionality take center stage, I can appreciate that.”

Molly Johnson / Philanthropist
Paul Balmer / Attorney

“Lightweight, sharp, and hip! I like the weekly schedule inside the flap, it’s transporting me to 1960s Japan.” Molly
“I’m drawn to the soft padding on the back, I love that consideration of comfort.” Paul

Imer Rodriguez Bar / Jeweler

“Truly impressive. I like the idea of carrying the backpack in my hands or over just one shoulder.”

Waterproof OTONA RANDSEL 003
Sharp, smooth and waterproof
Specially crafted, the newly developed "Water-proof Smooth Leather" of this backpack will keep you looking sharp regardless of the seasons and occasions. Applying the techniques of Tsuchiya's signature "Randoseru" backpacks, it is perfectly designed to be comfortable to carry and highly organizable.
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Sophia von Trapp / Market research, singer
Joseph Aboki / Engineer

“How did they get this leather so smooth! I’ve never felt anything like it.“ Sophia
“It feels vintage, but also reads modern. You can’t actually tell what era it’s from...its timeless.“ Joseph

Issei Seida / Financial Literature
Tyler Malek / Chef

“As a Japanese American, I am proud to see my culture represented in the craftsmanship of this bag.” Issei

“This is just what I need in my life- can I keep it!” Tyler

Thomas with his Friends Sharing his Love of Randoseru Vol.1
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Thomas Lauderdale with his Randoseru for 17 years
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