Over Five Decades of Japanese Craftsmanship

Our Heritage

Kunio Tsuchiya started making Randoseru in 1965 and has been developing durable and practical leather objects made by Japanese craftspeople ever since. In Japan, Randoseru is used by elementary school children for their 6 years of attendance and hence needs to be well-built. The quality of the materials, combined with the expression of craftmanship over decades have led us to become one of the top leather goods brands in Japan.

Our Approach

We believe every item we create is unique, and no piece will be the same after being worn. Although the material has differences, we make sure all our items are exceptional pieces by their craftspeople. Therefore, we design them with simplicity and elegance.

Our Essentials

The minimalist design details highlight the beauty of the leather. We believe the fine grain of the leather itself should take center stage. This is why we put so much care into every inch and stitch of the manufacturing process. Creating timeless objects, the result is a minimalist aesthetic style that is unique to Japan.


It's not just a bag, it carries special memories.

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Functional, minimalist bags that mix elegant formality with casual softness.

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Luxurious leather, superb functionality, and a wonderful tactilesensation.

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