Pink Martini

Thomas with his Friends Sharing his Love of Randoseru Vol.1

Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale, who has been using a Randoseru for 17 years, had an idea when he saw Tsuchiya's artisanal Randoseru and other bags for the first time.  “I really want my friends and familyto experience these uniqueleather bags too!"  So, we helped him host a try-on party at his downtown flat in Portland.  We brought all our favorite bags, turned on some Pink Martini and took some great photos of him and his friends, just having fun!  

This is a continuation from the previous story.....


Jimmie Herrod - Musician
Love them! Would like to try a yellow one if possible.

Karen Early
Wow! It's just so beautiful. Could use it for so many things!

Julian Nelson - Professor
I usually walk around with a film camera, so this Randoseru with wide gussets and lots of space is perfect as a camera bag. This bag truly is a work of art; very elegant and durable.

Nate Overmeyer, Sarah Dougher, and their Daughters
A Randoseru is something the whole family can use. They're very sturdy and handsome, and not only well-made but also functional such as being waterproof and durable.

Isha Van Gelder and her Daughter
I heard about Randoseru from Thomas, but this is the first time I actually felt one on my back! It's so well made down to the smallest detail! I also like the shape which you don't see anywhere.

Daniel Considine - Production Site Manager
Anna Sifter - GIS Analyst

We like that it is compact, adjustable, and charming!

It's a sleek, solid, cute, classic, and retro-futuristic backpack.

Klinton Halliday - Production Manager
Having grown up in Japan, it's very nostalgic for me. These bags are very well-made and very high-quality. In fact, my wife, who is Japanese, still owns the one she used as a child.

Edna Vazquez Damila - Artist
The bag that I wore is very elegant and sophisticated. It's something I'd wear whenever and wherever.

Jayden & Jacob Van - Students
We thought it was amazing because of the spacious room and very useful.

In Japan, do you use these bags only during elementary school? I want to use it all the time, my Randoseru is welcome to come with me to junior high.

Damila Axley - Student
The rich variety of colors brings me joy. If there are any other colors, I totally want to see them.

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