Global Site Premiere Launch​

The Lauderdale Randoseru

Longer-Strap Model

The Lauderdale Randoseru boasts inclusive features such as longer adjustable straps, diverse sizing options, and a thoughtfully crafted interior to accommodate the varied needs of our community.​

We proudly present this newest model – a testament to craftsmanship and design expertise. Exclusively launched on the global site. 

Why “Lauderdale” Randoseru?

Inspired by Thomas Lauderdale's First Randoseru, a Legacy of his 18 Years.

Thomas Lauderdale, the leader and founder of the eclectic international orchestra band "Pink Martini", embarked on a nearly two-decade love affair with the Randoseru. This passion led to a collaboration between Tsuchiya craftsmen and designers. Over two years of joint efforts, including prototyping, testing, and redesigning, the 'Lauderdale' Randoseru finally came to life. ​ ​

With longer straps than traditional models, this design was crafted to prioritize a more comfortable fit for a broader audience. Lauderdale, who has embraced Randoseru as a uniform essential for years, enthusiastically endorses Tsuchiya‘s latest masterpiece as the most comfortable he has ever worn. ​
→More about Lauderdale’s story

Extended Straps , Elevated Comfort​​

The strap length has been extended to 1.3 times its ​traditional size, offering a more comfortable and liberating​ experience. Embrace easier carrying and express your style effortlessly.

(Left) Lauderdale Randoseru
25.9 - 34.2in / 66 - 87cm
(Right) Traditional Randoseru
17.7 - 26.3in / 45 - 67cm

Beyond Length: ​

Straps with Intricate curves for easy arm movement, accommodate even layered outfits​

Eight-Step Adjustable: ​

Tight or loose , adaptable to your style and mood​​

Our Top Two Colors Choices

Black Randoseru


Red Randoseru


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