Artist Series Randoseru

Introducing “The Artist Series” by Tsuchiya Kaban, in collaboration with some of our favorite painters on the West Coast. Using our classic Randoseru as their canvas, each artist created a signature hand painted expression of their creative identity and how it intersects with Japanese culture, resulting in these one-of-a-kind works of wearable art. Get to know the artists below and check out this special limited edition collection.

Artists Introductions

Daisuke Okamoto

Daisuke Okamoto is an LA-based artist and muralist Influenced by all that is sci-fi, Japanese nationalism, and psychedelic culture; Okamoto’s drawings are intricate systems of penmanship. Raised in Tokyo, Japan, Okamoto represents the idea of the hybrid in both identity and transformation. Drawn with a passion for mark making, Okamoto employs repetitive line drawing in ink, which can take years to create a single drawing.

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Haley Bradley

Haley Ann Bradley is an artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Her medium of choice is clay but studied communication arts and earned her BFA in 2008. Using clay as an extension of her design background, she heavily leans on shape, color, texture, and surface treatment to create unique one of a kind clay pieces. Her main influences revolve around nature, the existence of time and space, and the element of discovery.

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J.Salvador Ramos

J Salvador once worked in motion graphics and animation in Hollywood, California while pursuing a name in the Los Angeles art scene. Eventually, his SuperEmoFriends series of paintings went viral, inspiring him to take them as far as he could. He's commonly found selling art prints and comic conventions throughout the US and running his online store.


Jason Sturgill

Jason Sturgill grew up thinking he couldn’t draw and it wasn’t until he was in his 30s that he put the proverbial pencil to paper. His professional career started in advertising in a non-creative capacity but after having cancer at the age of 28 he made a concerted effort to switch to design eventually working for Dark Horse Comics and Nike Skateboarding before pivoting into illustration.


Keiji Ishida

He received his degree in Illustration Design with distinction from ArtCenter College of Design. His artistic passion derives from skateboard and streetwear culture, using text, repeated characters, and motifs that often find their way through various mediums. The process is design-oriented while revealing the imperfections and efforts of the handmade.


Shoko Yanagisawa

Shoko Yanagisawa's artistic journey is rooted in the enchanting landscapes of rural Japan. Driven by a deep desire for self-expression, Shoko embraced various art forms with unwavering determination. Her travels around the world and self-taught skills in design further fueled her passion. Inspired by spiritual concepts and vibrant cultures, Shoko's personal growth paralleled her artistic evolution.