Gratitude for the Debut

A Recap of Our Inaugural US POP-UP Exhibition

We, Tsuchiya Kaban, are thrilled to announce the big success of our inaugural pop-up exhibition in the city of Artisans, Portland, OR, USA. These two days were more than a mere showcase; it was an odyssey through the soul of craftsmanship. Each exhibited piece personified unique artisanal skills, the radiant glow of creativity, cross-cultural connections between Japan and the United States, and narratives transcending borders.

A visual journey of Tsuchiya Kaban‘s groundbreaking "Artist Series", a collaboration with renowned artists from the West Coast of the United States, was first debuted ahead of its exclusive web release!  Transforming our iconic Randoseru into dynamic canvases, each artist handcrafts a unique expression of their creative identity intertwined with the rich tapestry of Japanese culture.  Among the featured artists was Portland-based illustrator Jason Sturgill [in the photo above], who made a special appearance at the exhibition! The event drew a crowd of enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in the world of one-of-a-kind wearable art.

One of the truly special highlights of this exhibition was the convergence of Tsuchiya's skilled artisans 'Fun of Carrying' series. Crafted with a blend of individual, playful creativity, and masterful skill, this archive brought together the bags for Daruma dolls, skipping stones, wine glasses, watermelons, and even snowmen! Beyond carrying our memories and fantasies, this series seamlessly incorporates intricate practicality tailored to each unique piece. People enjoyed immersing themselves in the fusion of creativity and utility, where each piece would become a unique chapter in their personal journey, perfectly captured through the lens of the 'Fun of Carrying’.

The Hobonichi Techo, the Nume Series, and the recently unveiled Indigo Leather wallets became a source of joy as attendees seized the rare opportunity to touch and inspect them up close. Those who made online purchases on site were treated to a unique experience with Tsuchiya’s specially crafted leather “gacha” machine―a Japanese classic toy where a twist of the lever reveals a delightful capsule toy, offering visitors a small gift and a fun surprise!

Among our signature offerings, the Randoseru remained a focal point of attention.  Witnessing individuals explore various models with subtle differences in color and design was a moment of big pride and joy for Tsuchiya’s designers, craftsmen, and our dedicated staff.
Just as every detail of our products matters, your presence brought us immense delight.

An Exhibition of Leather Sculpture and Craft from Japan