Indigo Crossbody Bag

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Size & Details

- Perfect for carrying your essentials: your wallet, keys, 10 oz water bottle, and other small items
- Zippered back pocket for phone
- Concave backside to fit naturally and snugly against the body
- As it ages, the leather develops a lustrous shine and softens, like an old pair of jeans


Outer: Cowhide (Indigo dyed)
Lining: Cotton


5.51 × 12.01 × 3.54in / 14.0 × 30.5 × 9.0cm


0.71lb / 320.0g

Made in Japan

Our Japanese craftsmen create each product by hand with intricate attention to detail and exceptional quality.


A practical cross body in an indigo dyed leather

This compact crossbody bag is designed to fit comfortably against your body. The two-tone color combination of the shoulder strap and indigo-dyed leather adds a stylish accent to your outfit. Because we use natural leather and plant-based dye, each bag is slightly unique and special.

Leather care

Please note that this product may experience color fading due to water exposure, sweat, and friction, and there is a possibility that the color may transfer to clothing. To avoid potential issues, refrain from using the product on rainy days or hot days, and avoid pairing it with brightly colored clothing.

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  • Delivered items cannot be returned or exchanged.
What is indigo dyeing(Aizome)?

Indigo dyeing (Aizome) is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique. It involves fermenting and oxidizing the leaves of Indigo plant, known as "Ai," to extract Indigo pigment, which is then used to dye fabrics and threads. This delicate process requires the skill and experience of highly-trained artisans. Aizome products develop a deeper color and a richer texture over time as they are used and cherished.

Indigo Dyed Leather

"Indigo Leather" is achieved by using a special technique we developed combining natural and synthetic Indigo and finishing with oil for a soft touch. This leather combines the inherent texture and richness of genuine leather with the gentle hues of indigo dye. After two chrome tanning processes, the leather undergoes Indigo dyeing while in its raw state, resulting in a luxurious blend of colors. Meticulously hand-dyed in multiple stages by skilled artisans, this leather showcases their dedication and attention to detail.

Enjoy the Aging Process

"Enhanced Luster and Soft Patina: The Distinctive Traits of Indigo Dyed Leather. Like denim, enjoy the fading beauty that comes with extended use and friction."


● Similar to the way denim ages Indigo-dyed leather products may experience color fading due to water exposure, sweat, or friction and may transfer color to clothing. Please avoid using them on rainy or hot days and refrain from pairing them with light-colored garments.

● Our indigo-dyed leather products are dyed using a blend of natural Indigo and synthetic Indigo, with no added surface pigments, preserving its raw appearance. As a result, natural traces like scars or color variations may be visible. Additionally, friction may cause subtle changes in the leather's surface color. Please be aware of these unique characteristics of the material."

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