Artist Series Randoseru By Shoko Yanagisawa

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Size & Details


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Size & Details

- Accommodates a 13” laptop
- Front pocket fits a iPad Pro (12.9")
- Shoulder straps adjustable to 7 lengths
- 1 D-ring on shoulder strap can hold commuter pass or charm
- 1 D-ring on side to hang charm or key chain
- 1 hook on side to hang small items
- Outer front zippered pocket for storing keys and other small items


Outer: Cowhide Cowhide
Lining: Pigskin
Others: Cowhide (Back)


12.72 × 10.24 × 7.13in / 32.3 × 26.0 × 18.1cm


3.06lb / 1390.0g


13" laptop (8.7 × 12.4 × 0.8in / 22.0 × 31.5 × 2.0cm) 13" laptop (8.7 × 12.4 × 0.8in / 22.0 × 31.5 × 2.0cm)

Made in Japan

Our Japanese craftsmen create each product by hand with intricate attention to detail and exceptional quality.


Title: Cocoon

Artist name: Shoko Yanagisawa

Artist Bios: Shoko Yanagisawa's artistic journey is rooted in the enchanting landscapes of rural Japan, where she found solace and inspiration in the melodies of birdsong and the captivating scents of nature. Driven by a deep desire for self-expression, Shoko embraced various art forms with unwavering determination.
Her travels around the world and self-taught skills in design further fueled her passion. Inspired by spiritual concepts and vibrant cultures, Shoko's personal growth paralleled her artistic evolution. Through her art, she aims to inspire and uplift others, sharing her wisdom and encouraging self-love. 
The remarkable character "Sheep with wings" embodies Shoko's journey of growth, exploration, and self-acceptance. With Sheep by her side, Shoko ignites a spark of hope and motivation, empowering individuals to embark on their transformative paths. Through art, Shoko invites us to embrace ourselves with kindness and compassion, fostering personal growth and fulfillment.

Are you familiar with Randoseru? Have you ever seen one before?:Yes. When I started elementary school, I received it as a celebration of my enrollment gift from my parents.

What made you excited about this project?: I had been carrying a  Randoseru for six years while attending elementary school, so I had a deep attachment to it. When I received this opportunity, I was extremely happy.

Please tell us what kind of image you had in mind when creating this work: When I created this work, a vivid image from my past immediately came to mind. As I embarked on my journey into elementary school, my parents surprised me with a special gift—a randoseru. The moment I received this meaningful present, I felt an overwhelming sense of hope, excitement, and happiness. As I reflect on that time, I envision myself as a little girl, a student in elementary school, radiating those very emotions. This image serves as a powerful representation of my childhood, capturing the essence of anticipation and joy that accompanied that significant milestone in my life.

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