New Package Delivering Brand Value

Since its establishment in 1965, TSUCHIYA KABAN has thrived for over 50 years with the support of many loyal customers. We firmly believe that our popularity stems not only from the quality of our products but also from the heartfelt dedication of TSUCHIYA KABAN's employees and craftsmen, reaching the hearts of each customer.

In pursuit of our goal to become a more global brand, we began crafting a new visual identity in 2023. We wanted to evoke the spirit of our Japanese heritage and celebrate the beauty of traditional craftsmanship, and present it to the world in a more modern way. We have chosen a new signature color inspired by Japanese Indigo we call "TSUCHIYA BLUE."

Presenting, a new phase for the Tsuchiya Kaban brand

The concept of Cherishing

We know that the changing of the brand's visual identity needs to be comprehensive and consistent. However, considering the current environmental concerns and the desire to convey a concept of cherishing resources, we will gradually update the product packaging only after the existing packaging inventory is depleted.

The intention to enrich lives
by creating meaningful products

The original ethos of TSUCHIYA KABAN remains unchanged. With sustainability being a priority, please note that when you make purchases at TSUCHIYA KABAN physical stores or on the official website, you may receive products packaged with materials in our previous brand colors, as we intentionally use all existing packaging  materials, like dust bags, before updating to our new packaging. 

Thank you for understanding and helping us reduce waste. 

TSUCHIYA KABAN will continue to uphold its unchanged passion and commitment, adding richness and beauty to your everyday life.

Regarding Packaging

For items purchased on our official website that are shipped from Japan, they may be subject to an inspection at customs, and therefore,  ribbon-wrapping services and paper gift bags are not provided for online orders. The packaging design and specifications may vary for each product. We appreciate your understanding.

A gift that can be cherished for a long time

Give the gift of Tsuchiya

We appreciate when our customers share their love of our products through gifts for their loved ones. Each product is made by hand by the most incredible crafts people using time honored techniques. With intense quality control and thoughtful packaging, you can be sure that a gift from Tsuchiya is one that can be cherished forever.

Gift Recommendations

E-Gift Card

An e-card is a great way to share your love for the brand while allowing the recipient to choose what product speaks to them. For those who want to give the gift of choice, the TSUCHIYA KABAN  E-Gift Card works great! Choose the amount you wish to spend and email your gift, and heartfelt wishes, instantly.