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Tsuchiya Kaban's Randoseru loved across generations

The Gelber's : In a beautifully preserved mid-century home, nestled in The Portland Hills, live the Gelber Family. These creative and art-loving parents and their teenage son invited us into their world for a cup of tea and a chat. The home itself is a work of art, Christopher, an architect by trade, has been slowly renovating it for years and it is truly a family home. Christopher, his wife Teri and son Theo all share a love for Japanese culture, and Christopher has blended a Japanese aesthetic with details true to the mid-century architecture that makes their home so special. There is even a tea room and moss garden currently in the works!

It is through their interest in Japanese culture and architecture that they were first introduced to the Tsuchiya brand. It was a company that resonated with their own values: Japanese-made, with a meaningful heritage and simultaneously utilitarian and beautiful. In the Tsuchiya line there is truly something for everyone in their family.

Theo, the son of Christopher + Teri, is a high school student who devotes his free time to building motorcycles and playing in a band. He’s often found strumming a guitar or fixing things in the garage. Influenced by his parent's love for Japan, he has many Japanese friends at school and has grown up surrounded by Japanese artifacts from his parents travels. Since he traveled to Japan, his desire to have a deeper understanding of the culture and language he admires so much is growing. Someday, he hopes to go back to Japan with the Randoseru and to have a deeper understanding for the culture and language he admires so much. Until then, he cherishes his Randoseru. It’s a bag he wears every day, and today he pairs it with an old shirt stolen from Dad and leather boots, but more often wears it in that classic American teenage grunge style. "I have a wide range of hobbies and styles, and the versatility and toughness of this backpack make it easy to match with anything. It's amazing that in Japan, even elementary school students can use this bag every day.”

Teri, the matriarch of the family, is a creative soul with a passion for food, music, art, and spirituality which she expresses through her tea company. Tea is another way Teri loves to connect with Japan, it’s where she’s learned so much about her industry. As a mother of a teenage son she is entering a new chapter of her life as a woman, as a mother. "As my children have grown, we have spent less time together as a family, but I am grateful for those moments where we pull together and connect over shared interests, like a good meal or a movie night. When we all wear our Tsuchiya bags it just makes me feel like I’m in this secret club with my husband and kid, it feels very bonding! I love that we have this in common.”

Christopher, a true artist at heart who has poured his passion and expertise into a mid-century house for several years. He has skillfully blended the essence of Japanese craftsmanship, such as the intricate details of sliding doors, tea cabinets, and tranquil moss gardens, to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic world view.
With a unique sense of philosophy that is both niche and universal, he is captivated by Japanese historical dramas, history, and the beauty of garden culture, including the art of bonsai. His love for tradition and clean fashion is evident, and he has recently had a chance to try a simple yet elegant leather backpack "OTONA RANDSEL". This backpack has been designed with the highest quality leather and a functional, minimalist design - perfect for adults.
What's more, he has already shared some clothing items with his son, and he was overjoyed at the idea of passing down this backpack to his son, ensuring that it will continue to be cherished and used for years to come. It's heartwarming to see how his artistic vision extends beyond the walls of the mid-century house, into the very fabric of his family's life.

We, at Tsuchiya, feel grateful to be a part of this family’s culture and grateful to them for sharing their lives with us.

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