The Fun of Carrying with Alleyooooop

A small surprise and joy in daily life

By Stylist , Anne Parker

Tsuchiya asked Anne Parker, a Portland-based interior/prop stylist,If she were to bring "Alleyooooop" into her life, how would she like to use it? 
Please scroll down to see her response; Parker's playful yet exquisite perspective.


Parker recalls her first impression of Alleyoooop, "This beautiful and unique bag would be an art piece that also serves practical purposes. I was easily able to visualize at a glance that it would blend in like a part of the tasteful interior furnishings."


In the kitchen, its natural fine leather matches well with wooden cutlery. On the shelves, it looks like an objet d'art with houseplants, and blends in nicely with art books, folk crafts, and antique pieces alongside each other. She also added with a bit of a laugh, "Inspired by the original idea of carrying a basketball, I also came up with the unusual and funny idea to take a 'mirror ball" to a party in Alleyoooop with me!'

More than 60 pieces

Tough yet highly supple Italian-made highest-grade Vachetta leather is all hand cut at precise angles. More than 60 pieces are carefully stitched together to create a perfect sphere with minimal seams when viewed from all 360 degrees.


These consistent operations are the most delicate and complex processes that can only be achieved by a few of Tsuchiya's most skilled craftspeople.
While playful and high-quality, this one-of-a-kind bag would have unlimited uses and possibilities upon your imagination and creativity.


Alleyooooop is one Tsuchiya's ultimate bags, made by our finest artisans, all products are made to order in limited numbers. It will take approximately six months from order to delivery. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

※Please note that this product is made-to-order and is not currently available for purchase. Orders can only be placed between November 8, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

About Anne Parker

A Portland-based stylist, her work ranges from interiors to food and props. She specializes in simple dishes that make the most of ingredients that come directly from local farmers and homegrown vegetables from her own garden. Parker’s world of creations, which has a natural, authentic, and old-fashioned feel, comes from things that she finds at vintage stores and thrift shops in her daily life and travels, and has fans all over the world. The set for this shoot was her cozy home where she lives with her lovely dog, Pepe.
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