On the Way Home


With the basketball in the Alleyooooop, pedaling straight to the court on his way home from work while dressed in his business casual attire. Here is a small moment of a breather that punctuates a day for Portland-based therapist Adam Porterfield.

The finest Vacchetta leather

The primary material used for the Alleyoooop is Vacchetta, one the highest grades of leather, originating from the Tuscany region of Italy, with over 1,000 years of tradition and craftsmanship. The distinguishing feature that sets this leather apart from others is that only vegetable tannin is used, and the oil is slowly soaked into the core with enormous time and effort. This retains the original aesthetic of the calf hide, such as smoothness, suppleness, and durability while giving the leather a profound depth of appearance.

60 steps of meticulous design and handywork

The approximately 60 parts of this spherical bag are cut by hand and sewn together one by one with an eye for a perfect finish. Even the sides and bottom of the leather are crafted with the utmost care and aesthetic appeal. Only a limited number of Tsuchiya's most skilled craftspeople can execute these processes.

Invisible adjustable snap buttons.

Snap buttons are attached in eight places to hold the bag firmly yet are easy to open and close. In order to create a functional yet elegant sphere the buttons are thoughtfully designed to be concealed from the surface of the bag.


Alleyooooop is one Tsuchiya's ultimate bags, made by our finest artisans, all products are made to order in limited numbers. It will take approximately six months from order to delivery. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

※Please note that this product is made-to-order and is not currently available for purchase. Orders can only be placed between November 8, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

Limited Amount
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