The Holidays are Here!

Portland OR -Gelber Family-

3 things to do before the holidays

At the end of the year, they write down lists of the things they want to do, the shopping, and the people they want to meet. No matter how much the digital world takes over, the feeling of running a pen and sensing the supple texture of paper is the real thrill of journaling.

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Making a holiday wreath

They hold a private workshop with a friend who's a Portland based florist, Megan Arambul of FieldWork. A wreath filled with the gifts of nature harvested from the land is an ideal present for yourself or a friend.

A mother and son, delivering a handmade wreath while shopping

While sending a newly made wreath as a greeting to people they care about, a backpack that keeps both hands free comes in handy when shopping for a holiday dinner.

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Date night at the wine bar

Before the busiest of holidays, the husband and wife take the time to cherish the moments they find to spend together – a moment to enjoy a glass of natural wine. They also picked up a few bottles to use for gatherings and gifts to get ready for the end of the year.

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About the Gelbers

Teri is the owner of T Project, a maker of organic tea blends, and her husband Christopher is an architect. Together they have a son named Theo. This is a non-fictional story based on documenting their real daily life. They live together in a home in Portland that Christopher has been renovating over the years.

The Holidays are Here!
A Holiday Date in Nostalgic downtown Tokyo
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