In the mind of every conscientious leather bag craftsman is an imaginary drawer filled with imaginative ideas for bags that can be used to carry different things.By honing their skills and drawing from the knowledge they learn day in and day out, our craftsmen can realize design ideas in their minds. Through this series of articles, we will present to you some of the uniquely playful designs created by the craftsmen of Tsuchiya Kaban.


A Daruma is a doll that gets up no matter how many times it falls over.
In Japan, it’s been loved for a long time as an auspicious symbol.
The Daruma doll is named after the founder of Zen Buddhism
and is usually used as a reminder to stay encouraged about a wish or goal.

Darumas have been familiar as an item for prayer or as a congratulatory gift.
These Darumas are ways to pass on warmth and wishes of happiness to those we care about...
With this in mind, our craftsman Koichi Hiraishi has made a bag to carry a Daruma.

What is Daruma?

Daruma dolls are Japanese traditional round dolls modeled after the founder of the tradition of Zen Buddhism. They are typically red and bear the likeness of the bearded man known as Bodhidharma but colors and designs vary greatly depending on the artist and region.

Its design is deep in symbolism and it is seen as a good luck charm by Japanese people. It’s hollow inside and made to return upright no matter how many times it’s tipped over, so it’s considered a symbol of luck and perseverance and a good gift to encourage someone with. It is also sold in many Buddhist temples where both eyes are solid white at the time of purchase. The owner sets a goal or makes a wish and paints a pupil on only the left eye, and when that goal or wish is fulfilled, the right pupil is painted on.


Base of the handle

The handle is tied in a knot based on the style of Shimenawa sacred rope. The leather strap is folded three times, wrapped, and tied very carefully to avoid unevenness.

What is Shimenawa?
Shimenawa is a long rope made of rice straw or hemp that is used for purification in the Shinto religion.
Shimenawa is said to ward off evil spirits and can be often seen at shrines, torii gates, and other notable places. Areas that range from several centimeters to several meters which are considered sacred or ritually purified are roped off with shimenawa.

About the Daruma Bag

The Daruma Bag is carefully crafted piece by piece with attention to every detail by our craftspeople. It will be sold as a set with a Daruma doll engraved with the Tsuchiya Kaban logo. (Only sold in Japan)

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Koichi Hiraishi

Koichi Hiraishi joined Tsuchiya Kaban in 2006. After working at an IT company, he pursued a career as a craftsman. Having gained experience in Randoseru and bag production, he is currently involved in making sample bags. "I always sit properly while making something, so I don't feel embarrassed if someone sees me."

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