In the mind of every conscientious leather bag craftsman is an imaginary drawer filled with imaginative ideas for bags that can be used to carry different things.By honing their skills and drawing from the knowledge they learn day in and day out, our craftsmen can realize design ideas in their minds. Through this series of articles, we will present to you some of the uniquely playful designs created by the craftsmen of Tsuchiya Kaban.


What if you could grab your favorite wine and a wine glass,
go to a place you love, and enjoy some luxurious alone time?

After this idea occurred to our craftsperson Ms. Sasaki,
she set out to create a leather carrier specifically designed for carrying a wine glass.


An ingenious design: a "twist" inspired by a pleated skirt

The leather wine glass carrier’s distinguishing characteristic is its "torsional" ability. The inspiration for this design element was a pleated skirt. Soft suede and firm Nume cowhide were chosen as the materials for the inside and outside of the carrier. The leather was cut into triangles and trapezoids, which were then pieced together using soft cowhide, while gouges were used to create sharp folds to ensure that the bag could be smoothly "twisted." There is a similar process also referred to as "twisting" in the manufacturing of glassware, which was a concept taken by Tsuchiya Kaban and incorporated into the exclusive collaborative design of Tsuchiya Kaban and Sghr Sugahara Glassworks.

Our craftsperson’s meticulous attention to detail can be seen throughout the carrier, from the gouging of sharp folds to ensure the smooth revolving of the leather to the precise joining of the square body and cylindrical bottom.


Tsuchiya Kaban × Sghr Sugahara Glassworks

This time, we had a special collaboration with the long-established Japanese glassware company Sghr Sugahara Glassworks, which was based on the concept of "carrying" a luxurious wine tasting experience. The result is the HaGu Wine Glass & Leather Carrier, which will be sold exclusively in stores. Carrying along with a leather carrier, wine glass, and a bottle of wine, head towards a favorite locale of yours, and simply savor the taste and the experience.


Sasaki Yuko

Ms. Sasaki joined Tsuchiya Kaban in 2005 and worked in marketing for three years before embarking on her desired career path of a craftsperson. She has experience making the Randoseru and adult bags. After returning from parental leave, she became the craftsperson in charge of producing adult bags samples, which she is still doing now. Ms. Sasaki has realized her childhood dream – "to become a bridge between designers and users", and spends her days happily developing new products.

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