Mylo™ L Zip Wallet

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Size & Details


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Size & Details

- The exterior is made from a combination of Mylo™ and cowhide leather.
- The interior also uses Mylo™, so you can enjoy the feel and texture of Mylo™.
- Simple and compact design.
- Store bills, coins, and cards.
- Simple coin pockets for easy access to anything inside.
- L-shaped fastener for high visibility and easy access to stored items.
- Foil-stamp of Mylo™ and Tsuchiya Kaban on interior coin pocket.
- The rolled edge finish to show the outstanding quality of Mylo™.


Outer: Mylo™
Lining: Mylo™


3.43 × 4.57 × 0.79in / 8.7 × 11.6 × 2.0cm


0.24lb / 110.0g

Made in Japan

Our Japanese craftsmen create each product by hand with intricate attention to detail and exceptional quality.


Introducing a classic L Zip Purse made from the innovative material, "Mylo™". This next-generation substance is crafted from mushroom mycelium, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather. We wanted to make this new material readily available in a familiar item, so we created a simple and functional "Handy L Zip Purse”. You can enjoy the texture and suppleness that looks and feels similar to animal leather with Mylo™ .

About "Mylo™"
"Mylo™" is a new material developed by the cutting-edge biotech company "Bolt Threads" based in California, USA. It is an alternative leather made from a sheet composed of 85% mycelium (the thread-like network of fungal cells that make up the roots of mushrooms) and 15% regenerated cellulose fibers (Lyocell*), with a water-based polyurethane resin coating on the surface. It offers a gentle touch and a luxurious appearance similar to genuine leather, and its flexibility can be adjusted through processing, making it highly versatile for various products.
Cultivating mycelium, the main ingredient derived from mushrooms, requires only water and air, along with a substrate made from materials like sawdust, forming a mulching layer that covers the surface during mycelium growth. Cultivation occurs in state-of-the-art vertical farming facilities powered by 100% renewable energy. With a short growth cycle of less than two weeks, a stable supply is anticipated.
*"Lyocell" is sourced from eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed forests.

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