Welcome to Tsuchiya Kaban Stores

Earn rewards by collecting stamps on your TSUCHIYA PASSPORT


Time to Travel!

Travel with TSUCHIYA PASSPORT to get free gifts!!

Visit our physical stores in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong with TSUCHIYA PASSPORT. 

Your TSUCHIYA PASSPORT will be stamped when you stop by in our stores or make purchase.

You’ll have the chance to get free gifts as you collect more stamps at our different stores!

Your journey with TSUCHIYA PASSPORT

1. Ask our store staff to receive your own TSUCHIYA PASSPORT to start your Journey.

2. Visit our physical stores and show your TSUCHIYA PASSPORT to our staff. You will collect 1 “Visit Stamp” per visit and 1 “Purchase Stamp” every time you make a purchase of over JPY10,000 (excluding tax), NTD 3,000, HKD 750. Maintainance products are not applicable for the “Purchase Stamp.”

3. Each store have different stamp so don’t forget to drop by or make purchase at different locations to collect more stamps.

The path to receive your gifts

Collect “Purchase Stamp” per your purchase of TSUCHIYA KABAN products at our stores.

a) Collect 2 “Purchase Stamp” and you'll get a maintenance kit.

b) Collect 5 “Purchase Stamp” and you'll get a CARD CASE.

c) Collect 10 “Purchase Stamp” and you’ll get a PASSPORT CASE.

d) Collect 18 “Purchase Stamp”, 1 each at our global stores, and we will arrange for you a special gift!

  1. You can only receive 1 stamp in a same day for  “Purchase”. When you make purchase at a different date at the same store, you will be entitled to receive 2nd  “Purchase Stamp”.
  2. Issuance of TSUCHIYA PASSPORT is from Sep 25, 2023 through Aug 31, 2024 and is valid until Aug 31, 2026.
  3. In case you forgot to bring your TSUCHIYA PASSPORT at the time of purchase, we will stamp on your receipt. Please bring back both the stamped receipt and your TSUCHIYA PASSPORT to the same shop you purchased so that we can stamp your TSUCHIYA PASSPORT.
  4. If you lost your TSUCHIYA PASSPORT, we will issue a new TSUCHIYA PASSPORT if it is within the issuance period, but unfortunately, past stamps will be lost.
  5. The TSUCHIYA PASSPORT is only valid for your own and cannot be shared with others.

If you have any inquiries regarding this Campaign, do not hesitate to reach out to us.