2 0 2 3   N E W   A R R I V A L S

New Arrivals
New Arrivals

Introducing a new palette of Fall and Winter colors in the Tone Nume series.
A collection that evokes a quiet and serene beauty inspired by the changing seasons of the mountainous regions of Japan.
The deep reds and greens of nature and the muted blue of Winter skies.


N u m e

The color of special memories

A striking shade of Tomato Red and a deep, calming shade of Pine Green,
reminiscent of the colors of Christmas.
Bright and warm table candles, a conifer tree adorned with twinkling lights.
Spend unforgettable moments with the people who matter to you.

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Home Collection

H o m e   C o l l e c t i o n

Leather, a living presence,
gracefully embraces the rhythm of everyday life

Indulge in the rich leather's aroma and warm brown tones,
where time weaves a unique life flavor.
Create a cozy home retreat, and savor healing moments in silence.

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Home Collection

T o n e   N u m e

Discover everyday elegance in our classic collection

Shop our elevated basics, including the most perfect shade of glossy Black,
alongside special edition colors "Dark Red" and "Dark Plum".
Available now in limited quantities.

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Original  Oil Nume

O r i g i n a l   N u m e

Revel in the timeless allure,
and relish the fresh appeal of aged leather

Embrace the untamed essence of life's vitality,
akin to the fiery 'reddish brown' of earth's rich soil.
Leather's luster evolves,
inviting you to embark on an enchanting journey into its depths of fascination.

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