What’s in Your Bag?

Haley Bradley, Founder/Owner of Studio Hecha

Tsuchiya Ambassador, Haley Bradley, seen here with her Randoseru Cowhide in light blue.

Photographed at her house/studio in Los Angeles.

Hey Haley! Nice to see you again. Thanks for chatting with us about your Tsuchiya Bag today! 

First off: Is the Randoseru Cowhide you are sporting your work bag or everyday bag? When do you use your bag?

It's both! I like that it can cross over from work to life, and vice versa. I can load it up with my daily essentials and head out to the studio or errands. I bounce back and forth between being a ceramicist and a graphic designer, and this design fits into both trades. It's incredibly durable, but most importantly, it looks super cute next to all my colorful clay pieces in the studio.

How does this bag relate to your personality or work?

I love the color, which is something I play a lot with in my work. 

What’s in your bag? Can we have a peek? 

Usually a sketchbook; if I'm meeting a friend and show up first, I try to doodle instead of looking at my phone. I also almost always have some sort of documentation mechanism; a film camera, or camcorder on occasion. Boring things like wallet and keys. Almost always chapstick. My current read.

If someone found your bag and looked inside, what impression would they get?

Honestly I'm not sure it's an accurate representation of my personality, I feel like my bag contents are very toned down compared to my very extra personality.

What’s the most important item you carry in your bag?

My phone, probably; my lifeline to it all.

What’s the strangest item you’ve carried in your bag?

A mini alien from a 25 cent machine.

Thank you Haley! We love your style, your creations, and the way you wear your Tsuchiya bags!

Haley Bradley
Founder/Owner of Studio Hecha
@studio.hecha / HP