Tsuchiya Kaban's Backpacks
Inheriting the Philosophy

Based on a classic, built for the future. The next generation of backpacks.

When you spend 50+ years obsessing the design of leather backpacks, you have earned the right to remix.  

Introducing the next generation of backpacks, the "TSUCHIYA Legacy Backpack" and "OTONA RANDSEL.”  Two series of Tsuchiya Kaban signature backpacks, containing the DNA of our iconic Randoseru and all its inherited learnings, but elevated, modernized and perfected. 


The Ideal Form of a Backpack as Conceived by TSUCHIYA KABAN

From comfort and ergonomic considerations, to user-friendly features, to the sheer beauty of the form, The "TSUCHIYA Legacy Backpack Collection” is our most premium and elevated design to date.  Inspired by our tried-and-true classic Randoseru, but reimagined for today.  We started the design process by asking ourselves, what would an "ideal” leather backpack be like? What features would it have? What’s the best leather we could use? 

Designs Unleashing the Potential of Leather

As part of a new exploration in leather craft technology, we've invented what we call our “Legacy Logo”,  a three-dimensional molded pattern made from a “T” shape, an homage to the Tsuchiya Kaban brand.  This deep sculptural design creates various shadows with the bag's movement, revealing a rich and expressive character in the leather.

The body of the bag combines contrasting elements of curves and straight lines, accentuating the natural texture of the leather.   The tapered bottom with an upward spread prevents the overall appearance from sagging even when carrying a lot of items, maintaining an elegant shape.  

Made to Carry It All, but Not Feel Like It 

We have developed a unique cushioning system on the back and shoulder straps, a technique that is not visible from the outside, but felt by the wearer, a comfort feature we are known for in our industry.  Coupled with the snug fit provided by the shoulder strap linkage, the weight you carry will feel balanced.  In addition, any material used that comes in contact with the body, as well as the back and shoulder belt linings, is resilient to sweat and incorporates excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties.  We strive to consider every need of our wearer. 


A New Era of Business Style

Another backpack design evolved from our classic Randoseru, presenting “The OTONA RANDSEL Collection” our chic take on a work bag. Leveraging the protective functionality of the box-shape style of randoseru,  but tailoring the shape to accommodate laptops, papers and other work essentials - while maintaining weight balance to keep you comfortable in transport. A truly grown up Randoseru. 

Design Aimed at a Stylish Silhouette

With a toned physique, a luxurious leather flap covers the front. The refined silhouette complements the back of a suit stylishly. The simple and streamlined form is suitable for the business scene, and the slim gusset width creates a smart impression from behind. 

Its robust boxy structure allows for packing it full without losing its shape. Beyond fitting seamlessly into a suit style, it adds just the right nuance to tighten up casual styles, making it all the more appealing.

Comfortable Wearing Inspired by the Legacy of Randoseru

The pursuit of comfort in wearing is a unique focus of the Randoseru Roots. The back panel incorporates three different cushion materials with varying thickness, density, and firmness to enhance the overall fit. A structure that adds thickness to the part that contacts the waist provides support at the hip. Additionally, a distinctive concave-convex shape ensures breathability.

The box-shaped main body comfortably accommodates a laptop. With a sturdy core, it resists deformation and maintains its shape even when fully packed. It remains stylish, preserving a refined silhouette.

The Birth of the Latest Evolution, "Magnet"

The new model "Magnet" refines the design of the conventional models of "OTONA RANDSEL" into a more stylish iteration. Instead of the iconic large flap, it features two overlapping flaps secured with magnets, allowing for easy opening and closing at the top only.

This smooth operation enhances the graceful handling of belongings, creating a smart and sophisticated appearance. The beautifully streamlined silhouette with no unnecessary elements, presenting a more refined impression than ever before.

In terms of functionality, the interior is equipped with one large pocket that accommodates a 13-inch laptop and two small pockets for accessories. The main compartment can hold a 14-inch laptop.