Starter Planner

Keep a record of your life during this new starting point in life

"Starter Planner" was created by the collaboration of two brands with similar values and production standards.

21 years ago, Hobonichi Co., Ltd. released the Hobonichi Techo(Techo means planner in Japanese), a planner that can be used in a variety of ways to suit the user's lifestyle and preferences. As a result, this planner has gained many fans over the years. Currently, there are approximately 780,000 users worldwide.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Hobonichi Techo, Tsuchiya Kaban received an invitation from Hobonichi Techo to begin this collaboration. We have combined our respective manufacturing experience and common values through continuous discussions and sharing of discoveries. This time, we will introduce the latest lineup of Hobonichi Plannners.

A planner that records your growth and supports your life

Imagine that the moment you come across this planner, you are preparing to step into the next stage of your life. You may be eagerly anticipating the future and can't wait for things to get started. Or maybe you're feeling a little anxious or uncertain. We wanted to create a planner that will support you at your starting point, record your new stage in life, and support you in any situation.

Tsuchiya Kaban designed four products for this collaboration. Three are leather covers with wraparound ties for planners of various sizes and specifications. You can turn the act of wrapping and unwrapping a leather tie into your own unique daily ritual. The fourth edition is a cover for the "5-Year Key Planner'' with a leather lid to protect your memories. For this product, we have specially used the classic Oilnume leather, which has an amazingly soft feel that gives you an unforgettable feeling every time you make a memory.

How to Purchase

You can purchase at Tsuchiya Kaban’s website.

"Hobonichi" Articles

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