Shopping adventure in Portland with this mother - son duo

We spent the day with Andi and her son Sho, as they shopped their favorite spots in Portland on a sunny afternoon. A few stops for mom and a few for Sho, and ice cream for all at the end of the day.


First, they took us to one of the city’s most influential boutiques, “Frances May” in downtown Portland. “They are a staple for all ranges of fashion people! It's been around for 15 years now and is a must-see while in town”. You can find a range of established designers, mixed with a few up-and-coming labels and even very-own houseline. “It‘s impossible to leave without buying something! ”
1136 SW Alder St, Portland, OR.
Instagram @francesmayshop

📮Shop Boswell

The next stop is Shop Boswell on the Eastside of Portland, founded by milliner Brookes Boswell. Each hat is carefully hand-blocked and made to order using the highest quality materials and functional techniques translated from centuries past, by owner Brooks. “This beautifully curated shop features a global mix of designers alongside their own hats, and is a hidden gem with a more minimalist and casual vibe. This is a great place to go if you want to find quality artisan items that you can wear for many seasons, plus, the vintage selection is always so good! “
729 SE Morrison St, Portland. W-M 11-5.
Instagram @shopboswell

📮Ed’s House of Gems

“Since my son was so patient shopping with me, we went to his favorite store, Ed's House of Gems!” A true destination for rockhounding, this long-standing gem shop has been in business in the Roseway Neighborhood since 1956 and is still run by the founder's family. “Sho loves collecting rocks and crystals, this place has a huge selection and so much history.” Almost all the stones, gems, and geodes can be purchased by the piece or pound, and rare books and posters will take you to a deeper level of knowledge and passion.
Ed's House of Gems
7712 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213

📮Nico’s Ice Cream

The duo ends their afternoon at Nico’s Ice Cream, for a New Zealand-style treat! ”There are so many good ice cream shops in town, but Nico’s is truly one and only!” It's a soft serve that is made to order and blended with fresh Oregon vanilla ice cream with your choice of local berries... “We were going to share one, but of course, there weren't enough, so we ended up ordering one more.”
Nico’s Ice cream
Instagram @nicosicecream