3 types of Leather Pencil Cases

In an age where typing dominates on PCs and smartphones, the tools for writing by hand are cherished. We would like you to introduce three types of Pencil cases, enveloping writing tool with the scent and gentleness of leather.

Smart and Slim

A slim-designed pencil case that focuses on carrying frequently used writing tools. Its compact design not only allows for easy storage in your bag but also ensures a neat and smart portability without taking up much space.

Spacious Capacity

A spacious gusset allows for ample storage, catering not only to writing tools but also accommodating correction tape, sticky notes, and more. Ideal for those who want to carry a set of colored pens with them.

Roll and Play

Selecting only your favorite writing tools, this roll-type case wraps them in leather, securing them with a leather cord. Enjoy the freedom of carrying and using with a playful touch.

Indulge in the Irresistible Allure of
Tsuchiya Kaban's Leather Accessories

Embrace the Ease of Enjoying Leather's Allure

Experience the natural texture, rich expressions, and aging gracefully as you use it. With easily accessible small accessories, you can effortlessly enjoy the charm of leather.

Universal Appeal Regardless of Age and Gender

The timeless and simple design, resistant to boredom, caters to various preferences. Perfect for gifting to your loved ones or coordinating with your partner in different colors.