L-Zipper Wallet

3 types of L-Zipper wallet

The "L-Zipper" is our take on a classic wallet. It’s one of our tried-and-true styles that our customers love due to its simple design and sturdy construction. Which type do you like?

Storage Enthusiast Type

This wallet may be small, but it’s actually quite spacious. Designed to hold multiple cards and folded bills with a wide gusset for easy access. Wrap-around zipper keeps your contents safe and secure.

Smart Design Type

It neatly separates bills, cards, and coins. Both card holders on each side provide a clear view, allowing quick access to your essential cards.

Minimalist Type

A simple and minimal wallet is designed without gussets, efficiently storing the essentials - bills, coins, and cards while maintaining a slim profile. Ideal for those who prefer to keep cash to a minimum.

Experience the grace of natural textured leather that ages gracefully with wear. With easily accessible small accessories, you can effortlessly enjoy the charm of leather.

The timeless and simple design comes in a range of colors and leathers, perfect for gifting!

The simple “L-Zipper” makes it easy to access the interior quickly, while keeping your belongings secure. Works great for a wallet, but can also be used for small personal items too.

A Limited Colors of Minimalist Type!

Nume L Zip Purse (Tomato)
Nume L Zip Purse (Blue-Green)

Two limited-edition colors have been introduced to the “Nume L Zip Purse” “Tomato” is a striking orange hue with a hint of red, while “Blue-Green” is a unique color featuring vibrant green within a deep blue shade.

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