"My Personal Touch”

Crafty Use of the Tone Nume Roll Pencil Case

by Artist Megan Ladd

From drawing sewing and knitting to DIY projects, artist Megan Ladd, known for her diverse creations, shares her take on Tsuchiya's classic favorite, the roll pen case. Discover the versatile possibilities of using it in Megan's creative world.

Case 1 For Crafts

- Knitting needles
- Large safety pin
- Tweezers
- Pen
- Carpenter's pencil

Case 2 For Sewing

- Sewing scissors
- Pocket knife
- Pen
- Needle

Megan is a creative soul who can't resist picking up her knitting needles or sketchpad whenever inspiration strikes, even when she is out and about. Inside her bag, she packs everything she needs for her artistic endeavors. "This is more than just a pen case; for me, it's a versatile toolkit! It would be a perfect gift for someone like me, always managing a multitude of belongings and projects, it adds that extra touch of organization to my bustling yet creative journey."

Megan Ladd

A self-taught artist renowned for her innovative fusion of textiles and art, including exquisite stitched drawings, proudly stands as an ambassador for Tsuchiya Kaban. Born into a family where life itself became an art form, embracing activities from sewing to woodworking and crafting seasonal preserves, Megan learned to turn every aspect of existence into a masterpiece using her own hands.
Raised by parents who cherished the beauty of inheriting and continually using old items, she discovered the art of repairs and the enduring beauty that comes from investing time and care. Her preferred Brown Randoseru, a simple yet versatile piece, reflects her appreciation for timeless elegance.

Tone Nume Roll Pencil Case

A versatile wrap-around case with a leather band for pens and various tools

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