A rare and precious leather, the ultimate luxury

Cordovan, a leather often referred to as a "diamond in the world of leather." Emitting a brilliant sparkle reminiscent of diamonds, it epitomizes high-end, sophisticated taste, making it the ultimate aspiration for many leather enthusiasts. Among the various leathers, Cordovan stands out as one of the most beloved choices among our customers.

The rarity of Cordovan lies in its sourcing, focused on one very small and specific part of a horsehide, representing only one-eighth of the hide. Due to the tight fiber structure and density of this area, Cordovan displays a profound depth when viewed from the front, a unique aesthetic that other leathers cannot replicate. Before becoming "Cordovan", it undergoes an intricate and time-consuming production process that spans several months. This process relies on the masterd skills of leather artisans to create a refined texture and a distinctive luster unique to Cordovan. The Cordovan leather products we present also test the skill of craftsmen in transforming raw materials into finished goods, with each processing step requiring exceptional expertise and unwavering focus to avoid errors that could waste this precious material.

Only then can the regal feel of Cordovan leather be delivered into the hands of every customer who appreciates its extraordinary charm. If you too are captivated by the allure of Cordovan leather, we offer a diverse range of products, each with its own unique features, textures, and types. Let's delve into the distinctive qualities of Cordovan leather and savor its unique charm together.

Semi-Matte Horsehide

An understated aesthetic with a delicate matte finish, exploring the intriguing beauty of simplicity

The semi-matte surface of the rich leather exudes a subtle sheen, with the supple texture of horsehide serving as the foundation. Colored with water-based pigments, it possesses the characteristic of being resistant to discoloration, ensuring a lasting enjoyment of the initial hues. The appearance is smooth, radiating a sleek and chic impression, yet retaining the horsehide's intricate and unique depth.

The Perfect Harmony of Straight Lines and Curves

Blending seemingly contrasting elements of straight and curved lines, embodying a balance of sleekness and softness; the asymmetrical and exquisite silhouette showcases the user's unique taste.

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Solid Metal Zippers

Solid metal zippers discreetly nestle within the wallet's contours, yet they also catch the eye. The brand logo is imprinted on the side, and the end is adorned with a convenient gripable horsehide tab, making it easy to open and close while enjoying the elegance of the horsehide at every moment.

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Multi-Type Horsehide

A glossy luster that exudes charming

The exceptionally delicate texture of horsehide, coupled with a transparent gloss, undergoes the "water-dyeing" technique. Each layer is meticulously waxed and colored by hand, revealing leather with rich depth and a transparent radiance after dyeing. Initially presenting a serene and steady impression, with prolonged use, the leather will sparkle with a diamond-like brilliance, captivating with its irresistible charm.

Ultimate Slim Horsehide

Ultimate Slim Elegance

The wallet design, featuring no coin pocket, achieves an exceptionally slim profile, with the short wallet weighing only about 70g and the long wallet approximately 110g. Easily retrieved from your pocket, these wallets offer a lightweight and convenient carrying experience, allowing you to carry only the most essential and minimalist items, indulging in the leisure of adulthood.

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Meticulously Crafted Beautiful Edges

During the crafting process, leather cut surfaces are repeatedly soaked in dye and polished, followed by the application of edge coating, resulting in a perfectly smooth texture. Edge coating is a time-consuming and meticulous task, and any slight error may jeopardize the entire product. For craftsmen, it's a step that demands unwavering attention.

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High-Class Interior Leather and Design

Craftsmen invest their efforts in gradually thinning the inner layer of cowhide, testing for a durable thickness that is nearly imperceptible when placed in a pocket. Traditional water ripple techniques are applied to enhance the leather's expression with a touch of sophistication.

The interior design abandons the traditional straight-cut opening in favor of an angled design, ensuring a smoother card retrieval process. The second layer of the card holder section is not sewn to the edge, reducing thickness and further enhancing the overall slimness. Through meticulous layers of design, craftsmanship, and testing, such exquisite beauty is brought to life.

Leather Care
How to Maintain Horsehide

Aging Effects of Horsehide

As time passes and the leather is cherished, horsehide develops a richer luster, brimming with depth and character, gradually cultivating a unique leather expression of its own. While savoring this process full of charm and allure, we invite you to fully enjoy the captivating effects of aging.

Caring for Horsehide

Due to the inherent richness of oils in horsehide, no specific care is needed during the first six months of initial use. For an appropriate maintenance schedule, wait until you begin to notice any dryness on the leather surface during usage before initiating care.

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