A stroll through Portland with Connor and Chandler

 Vintage-Loving Twin Brothers 

Local twin brothers, Connor and Chandler, take us on a walk through their favorite Neighborhood in Portland, where they were born and raised, full of the nature and indie spirit they love so much.

📮 Montavilla Neighborhood

Old houses and large trees surround the main street of the Montavilla Neighborhood. Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants, vintage stores, and other independent shops line the streets and create a charming Main Street in which we like to spend time. The neighborhood is peaceful and has a nice mix of people, which makes the two of us feel at home.

Address: Southeast Portland 82nd Avenue: 6-mile (10 km) journey by car, bus or bike from downtown

📮 Laurelhurst Theater

A part of Portland’s thriving indie culture is the vintage theaters that can be found throughout the city; Laurelhurst Theatre, first opened in 1923, was one of the pioneers, and its Art Deco-style neon signage continues to attract people as a symbol of the city’s dedication to preserving the arts.
This unique movie theater offers second-run Hollywood films and a collection of rare vintage films independently curated, and they have really special balcony seating. You feel like you’re in another era. Oh, and they serve craft beer!

Address: 2735 East Burnside Street Portland, OR.

📮 Mount Tabor Park

"Portland is a city that is closely integrated with the great outdoors. That's the beauty of this city! "said the twins. They spend most of their time solo or with friends in the city's many unique parks and woods (over 200!). Mt Tabor Park is one of the few U.S. parks built on top of a volcano and boasts a spectacular view. The long stairways and gently curving boardwalks are flanked by native plants of all seasons, making it an excellent place for a light hike.

Address: SE 60th Ave &, SE Salmon St, Portland, OR