Leather Care Lesson 3

How to Store Leather Bags

If you use leather products but don’t store them properly, they may end up becoming deformed or moldy. 
Properly storing leather bags is a good way to prolong their lifespan and ensure that they will remain with you for a long time. 
This time, we’re sharing simple and easy tips on leather bag storage.

Maintenance Kits

・Special brush for leather
・Clean cotton cloth (for dry wiping)
・Non-woven fabric bags for storage

※ Note on the choice of cloth: zippers may catch onto the dry cloth during the wiping process, so we recommend using a cloth made from natural materials such as cotton that won’t scratch the leather. Please also avoid using pile fabrics.

Maintenance Timing

【How to Store Frequently Used Leather Products】
Some leather products we use on a daily basis, such as a wallet or work bag. Leather will loosen over time with frequent use, so at a time when you are not using your leather products, take everything out of them so as to allow the leather to "rest." You can further stuff dry towels or crumpled up newspaper inside bags to prevent them from becoming damp or losing their shape.

【How to Store Infrequently Used Leather Products】
Please remove all of the contents, and stuff the bag with towels or crumpled up paper to help retain its shape. Next, place the bag inside a non-woven fabric bag to shield it from any dust that may collect on it.

Please do not use plastic bags to store leather bags. If the leather bag is kept inside a sealed bag, moisture may accumulate, causing the bag to become moldy. This is why you should take the leather bag out from time to time and give it time to recover by placing it in a location that is well-ventilated and out of direct sunlight.

Storage Methods

1. Use the special leather maintenance brush to gently brush away any dirt

Before storing the bag, use the leather maintenance brush to gently brush the surface and remove any dirt. If you have the time, we strongly recommend also using a soft and dry cloth to wipe the bag.

2. Stuff the bag with soft and dry cloths or crumpled up newspaper

To keep the bag from changing shape, stuff it with soft and clean cloths such as towels or crumpled up newspaper. Newspapers can absorb moisture, while the smell of ink has insect repelling properties. To prevent ink from staining the inside of the bag, wrap up the newspaper balls in towels before placing them inside the bag.

3. Place the leather bag inside a non-woven fabric bag

Place your leather bag inside its original non-woven fabric dust bag to protect it from dust and accidental damage. Please do not store your leather bags in plastic bags, as plastic bags are not permeable and contain paint or coatings that may degenerate and become sticky.

Store your bags in an upright position to prevent the leather from deforming. In order to illustrate an "upright position", the leather bag in the accompanying image is not placed in a dust bag. When you are actually storing your leather bags, please first place them inside non-woven fabric dust bags.

The storage location should not be somewhere that is exposed to direct sunlight or has strong lighting. Leather can get sunburnt when exposed to heat or direct light even while inside a dust bag, causing it to fade or discolor.

The storage location should also be well ventilated to prevent mold. Make sure to regularly take your bags out and examine them to confirm that the leather remains in good condition.


When storing leather bags, please pay attention to the use of insecticides and desiccants. Leather that is in continuous contact with insecticides will degenerate. Please do not store your leather bags alongside insecticides or desiccants.

We do not recommend the use of desiccants in leather bag storage. Some desiccants become gluey after absorbing moisture. If they come into contact with leather, the leather will harden or shrink.

Just like us, leather bags need time to rest. After a period of usage, giving your leather products some time to rest can help to give them a nice, long lifespan.

To ensure that your leather bags are resting properly, please pay attention to the way that they are stored.

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