Leather Care Lesson 2

Waterproofing Leather: How to Effectively Prevent Water Stains and Dirt

Leather that comes into contact with water may result in stains, water spots, or discoloration.By waterproofing the leather beforehand,such a circumstance can be prevented.Waterproofing also helps to keep your leather products looking sharp and in great condition.

Waterproofing leather can also prevent dirt particles from settling in (which also diminishes the patina effect).Upon using your leather product for the first time,we recommend deciding in accordance with your personal usage habits whether waterproofing treatment is required.

Maintenance Kits

・Leather-specific waterproof spray
・Clean cotton cloth (for dry wiping)

※ Note on the choice of cloth: zippers may catch onto the dry cloth during the wiping process, so we recommend using a cloth made from natural materials such as cotton that won’t scratch the leather. Please also avoid using pile fabrics.

Maintenance Timing

You can schedule waterproofing based on your objective.

If you want your leather product to acquire a patina but are afraid that waterproofing the leather will diminish the patina effect, we recommend scheduling waterproofing care based on the weather forecast, such as waterproofing if the forecast calls for rain the next afternoon.

Maintenance Tips

1. Clean the leather surface

Use a clean and soft cloth for dry wiping. Carefully wipe clean the surface, paying extra attention to the seams where dirt and dust are likely to accumulate.

2. Apply the spray while on a balcony or outdoors

Apply the spray in a well-ventilated location, keeping a distance of about 30cm between the nozzle and the leather. Apply the spray evenly. When you’re done, the surface will appear to be wet and the color will have deepened slightly. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for the leather to dry. Once the leather has dried, it will revert to its original color.

If this is your first time using a waterproof spray, we recommend that you start by spraying an inconspicuous area (such as the bottom or the corner of the bag).

Please make sure you leave enough time for completing the entire process, also taking into account the time needed for the leather to dry. If you waterproof the leather right before going out, it won’t have sufficient time to dry and the waterproofing effect won’t be effective. Once applied, waterproofing remains effective for around one week. Please regularly maintain your leather products so that you can feel at ease when you use them (if you use your bag daily, we recommend maintaining it once a week during the rainy season).

3. Drying

After applying the spray, let the leather dry for 30 minutes to ensure that the waterproof spray penetrates fully into the leather. Once the surface is completely dry, wipe it with a soft and clean cotton cloth. You can then dribble one or two drops of water onto an inconspicuous area to test the waterproofing effect. If droplets form, then the waterproofing process was performed correctly.

The duration of the waterproofing effect will differ depending on the type of waterproof spray that is used. Tsuchiya Kaban’s preferred spray is "Collonil Waterstop," whose effectiveness lasts for about one week. If you use other products, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the product’s usage method. In the event that your bag still gets wet even after using a waterproof spray, please wipe it dry as quickly as possible with a dry cloth or handkerchief.

Continuous leather care is very important to keep your beloved leather products in tip-top condition.

※ Tsuchiya Kaban only sells "Collonil Waterstop" at its physical stores. If you would like to make a purchase or have any questions, please contact us or go to one of our stores.

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