Ask the Staff

The Art and Beauty of Aging

Who knows our products better than the people who work on them, that’s why we always tap members of our staff to weigh in with their opinions.  Having this behind-the-scenes access helps us leverage their experience as makers and as consumers, ultimately helping inform product design.  We are also talking about a group of people who are truly into leather and all the aspects that make this material so special.  Today we asked them about how their own personal Tsuchiya products wear over time, and they even let us photograph their pieces.

Staff Interview

"This wallet teaches the joy of nurturing leather."

Urbano Jacket Purse
Years of use: 1 year

Staff: Shimatani

“The sensation of this leather hits all the senses, it emits a satisfying "squeeze" sound when held and the substantial feel is palpable across the entire palm. This wallet, made from 'Vacchetta Milling Leather,' is richly infused with oil which makes it soften quickly with wear, revealing the most beautiful sheen. Eager to enjoy the aging process sooner, I often grip it tightly and tuck it into my pants pocket. It becomes progressively softer and gains a lustrous finish day by day, making it a wallet that I can't help but admire.”

"Slowly and steadily, it has become a part of me."

Tone Nume Loop Long Wallet
Years of use: 4 year

Staff: Sakurai

“The luster of the color has gradually deepened since I started using it. "Nume Leather" is originally soft leather, but over time, it has become more familiar, almost forming the shape of my hands, making it feel very personal to me. When winding or unwinding the cord, my attention naturally goes to the leather, making it easy to notice the aging changes. When I feel like it has become a bit dry I apply cream to it, which is a ritual that makes me feel good. There's a comforting feeling when holding it in my hands because it feels like a part of me.”

Worn Leather Gallery

We love seeing how our products wear and archiving the process through photography. It helps us illustrate stages of wear for our customers.
Leather is a natural material and will change and evolve over time, so it helps to have this visual when making your purchasing choices.


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3. Jacket Purse
4. Butterfly Money Clip

The most special thing about leather is that it will reflect its owner's personality and usage patterns, making an imprint on someone’s life. We always love to see how you wear your Tsuchiya Kaban leather, share your pictures with us on Instagram.