Megan Ladd

Product Development/Artist

For Megan, a Randoseru is a daily necessity to walk for a mile to work and go on a day trip. She also uses it for foraging mushrooms and harvesting seaweed in Oregon Coast.
"A well-made and comfortable bag is pretty important for me."

"The Randoseru is light and also waterproof, which is SO ideal for the long and wet Oregon Winter."

The hard-structure perfectly protects delicate objects, such as needle, thread, siccors, and her knitting and mending projects.

She decorated it with a scarf from her collection on the side hook. Accessories can change the personality of the bag to suit the occasion.

For as long as she can remember, her daily routine had always involved working with her hands such as sewing and knitting for dolls.

Megan will use her bag for a long time as she continues to alter and mend things. "I will always use my Randoseru with care, and someday want to pass it on to my children."

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