Megan Arambul

Founder/Owner Fieldwork Flowers

Having led the “Support Local Flower Farmers” movement for 20 years, Megan is a veteran florist working with Portland’s active flower industry. After working as a buyer for a legendary flower shop in Portland,OR and successfully expanding it, she started Fieldwork Flowers in 2010. Her clientele includes many of the city's culinary and retail establishments, as well as large corporate clients like Nike, and her signature wreaths sell all across the United States - every part of her business managed solely on her own.
Having to wear many hats as a small business owner and mother, Megan's personal style is simple, clean, and versatile. Tsuchiya’s classic-red Randoseru, along with a pop of local flowers, adds a touch of brilliance to her everyday look.

Stay Classic, be Versatile

Megan’s long day starts at 4 am. Her morning routine is to do her desk work while her daughter is still sleeping, and then picking up flowers and plants from the wholesale market while her daughter’s in school. Jeans, a tucked in white T-shirt, and a cherry-red Randoseru, (adorned with a tiny apple branch used as a charm) is her go-to style.
“The most important thing for an outfit is to make a pleasantly casual and clean impression. Dressing easily is also important for me because I have many things to do in one day. The simple lines of the Randoseru are a perfect fit for my style.”

“Supporting local famers is a big part of who I am! “

Megan uses free and bold ideas in her arrangements that often incorporate food related materials like crabapple tree branches and herbs, all from local farmers whom she has steadily built relationships with over the years. “Supporting local farmers has been my top priority for 20 years. It’s the ethos of Fieldwork Flowers and a big part of why I’m doing this and who I am.” In the Pacific Northwest, where the farm-to-table culture has its roots, her deep ambition to specialize in flowers is expressed to her many loyal clients all over the country.

Where style meets practicality

A Randoseru fits flower shears, thorn removers, and even a tool box perfectly. “The Randoseru’s usefulness lies in the design of its compartments and high functionality. Besides flower tools, the zippered front pocket keeps me organized by holding things like my wallet and notebook.”

A classic color with a lot of personality

In her Randoseru showing against the background of her simple denim style, she delivers the wreaths and bouquets she made to her clients. Megan has a lot of casual classic styles and the Randoseru’s vivid color and neat shape make it “nothing too loud” and just the right accent that complements her own cheerfulness.
“I love this classic shade of red, it’s energy-giving.”

Fieldwork Flowers
1009 Main Street Vancouver, Washington
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