Jules Davies

Editorial Photographer 

Meet Jules Davies, she is the sun personified. Being around Jules just puts you in a good mood. Her naturally soft and joyful demeanor is an asset on the set of her photoshoots. She has a way of coaxing the same out of the models, resulting in images that make you want to climb a mountain! Jules came about her photography career in the most organic way as if the forces of nature were pushing her in this direction the whole time.

Capturing Nature's Beauty Through Adventure

Denver, Colorado, born and bred, Jules now lives in Portland Oregon, in a light-filled house with happy plants and colorful art everywhere. Growing up in Colorado, nature helped shape Jules’s artistic eye, and nature is often the background of her photographs. She has a way of bringing nature and adventure into a modern artistic place. She got her first job fresh out of college at a start-up called Topo Designs as one of their very first employees. Being a part of a small team meant she was pushed to wear many hats and try new things. She and her small work family were also very close and often went camping together or too hot springs. Jules would bring her camera and photograph her friends being their natural, adventurous selves in the outdoors and post these to Tumblr. This online portfolio caught the attention of editors, and she started getting asked to do more adventure and outdoor photography.

Artistic Journey from Denver to Japan

At that time, outdoor fashion + lifestyle was trending in the US, and Japan, and Jules’s photography style became very much in demand. When Japanese magazine Papersky was in Denver doing a profile on Topo, this connected her to the Japanese market, and she started a relationship with Gregory Japan, even traveling through Japan photographing a bike tour! Japan was an inspirational place for Jules, the architecture, the fashion, and the obsession with all the best things. She loved seeing the children on the subway in their uniforms and Randoseru, and it occurred to her. - that would make a great camera bag. The structured body of the bag was excellent protection for her camera equipment, and the backpack style was practical for travel. The pink color- because it just looks great with red hair!

Carrying Memories

When Jules is back in Portland and missing Japan, her Randoseru helps her feel connected to a country and place she cherishes. People always ask her about her special bag, and she loves to tell them all about it.

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Jules Davies