Pamela Baker-Miller

Founder/Owner of Frances May

The contrast between Pam's frilled fluorescent-yellow standing collar shirt and her light blue Randoseru makes it look like a work of art thanks to her fashion magic.

In 2008, together with her grandmother, she opened Frances May, a boutique that carries unique,integrity and independent brands from the US and abroad. It's an iconic store that's at the forefront of the Portland fashion scene.

”The reason I picked the bright blue Randoseru is that I often wear neutral outwear such as gray, black and navy. The blue leather adds a pop of color on a dominant neutral palette”

”My fashion tip is to wear clothes that make you feel good in your skin and give me confidence in to achieve goals for the day. The Randoseru is the cherry on top.” The bag is accented with charm beads that were handmade by her son.

The interior and inner flap are customized with her company's, Frances May's business card, and the original tissue paper.
 "One of my favorite things about this Randoseru is the hard-structured body; there is plenty of room for my laptop, wallet, and phone, etc." 

"In addition to the US-made, we also work with Japanese manufacturers that have a good reputation for textiles and craftsmanship. I think the technique and reliability of Japanese products are one of the best in the world."

Frances May
1136 SW ALDER STlder PORTLAND, OR, 97205
503 227 3402
@francesmayshop / HP