Ashley Thornton & Colton Tong

Founder of Throwing Tiny Fits & Social Community Coordinator

The West End of Downtown Portland is lined with trees, coffee shops, and independent boutiques, a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, and for this lucky family, it is home. It’s easy to spot the Thornton-Tong family walking around the city where they both work and live. They’re usually wearing some eye-catching prints or some assortment of statement accessories, their daughter Poppy keeping up with her parents on a scooter. Poppy is the model and muse for mom's online kids' clothing shop: Throwing Tiny Fit

Creativity under lockdown

Poppy’s Mother Ashley, a stylist, had been working in the fashion industry for many years and started Throwing Tiny Fits from her own living room, during a pandemic when Poppy was a baby. “During Covid lockdown I was feeling so isolated with a newborn baby, which spiraled into postpartum depression. I wasn't going to work everyday and being a part of the world, I was feeling disconnected from fashion and culture, the things that bring me the most happiness in this world. I knew I had to make a change, no one was going to do it for me. I had to find my way back to myself. As a new mom I wanted to become self-employed, so I created a job that was both creative and flexibile, that's how Throwing Tiny Fits came to be. Starting an online shop meant that I could be there for myself as a Creative and be there for Poppy as a Mother.”

Throwing Tiny Fits online shop was an instant success, Ashley also started selling at various local markets in Portland, giving her a platform to connect with like-minded parents, many going through similar experiences. She built the business one day a time, and as it grew so did her confidence in herself. Ashley’s eye for style and graphics set her apart from the rest of the industry, and she’s been able to keep her prices competitive, making it a win for stylish families everywhere. Between local Portland pop-ups and her online presence, her following has exploded in the last 3 years since she started, and last month Throwing Tiny Fits was featured in Vogue Magazine.

It's all in the Family

Getting dressed for the day is a family affair, “We often start with bags or hats, and build the look to work around it” the family tells us. Both Ashley and Colton are fans of Tsuchiya bags for their superior quality, timelessness and style. Ashley owns ORIGIN OILNUME Vase Shoulder, durable enough for her everyday life as a mom carrying snacks and toys, as well as everything she needs for her work day. When she doesn’t have the time to switch up her bag, she said she’s grateful that the bag works for any occasion or fashion moment, looks just as good with a cute dress as it does with cargo pants and sneakers.

Shopping is an investment in the future

Colton, Ashley's partner and Poppy's Father, is a freelance Influencer Marketing Manager and Social Community Coordinator, whose knowledge of street culture and fashion runs deep. Colton has an affinity for all things Japanese, and has a talent for sourcing the best of Japanese Fashion, which is how he found Tsuchiya Kaban. He loved the tradition and history of the brand and the fact that it was all handmade in Japan, he knew that was a level of quality he could trust. His bag of choice is the Urbano Urban Briefcase, which he styles with a camouflage jacket, playing with the contrast of a professional and tailored accessory mixed with streetwear. “I regard shopping as an investment in the future. These leather sneakers I’m wearing today I’ve had for 16 years, they’re well made and timeless. Actually, when they were 10 years old, they got even better!” Colton sees the potential in his Tsuchiya briefcase “I can’t wait for it to age 10 years too”.

“Creativity is the culture of our Family"

“Through taking care of ourselves and nurturing our own creative hearts, we hope to teach Poppy to do the same for herself. Whatever life throws at you, be it a global pandemic or a baby, it's up to you to make it happen for yourself”.

Throwing Tiny Fits
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