Shipping Countries

Tsuchiya Kaban has expanded shipping countries / regions for customers ordered online. We are now offering delivery service to the following countries / regions (in alphabetical order). The actual shipping countries / regions might vary according to EMS JapanFedEx Japan or DHL Japan. Please refer to Japan EMS, FedEx or DHL for service availability.

Free shipping is available to areas where Japan EMS can be delivered. Starting from January 11, 2022, "Free Shipping on All Orders" campaign will be started again for online customers from all regions. All purchases made in all the available areas will be shipped to you for free.

・Bailiwick of Guernsey
・Bailiwick of Jersey
・Czech Republic
・Hong Kong
・Isle of Man
・New Zealand
・San Marino
・Saudi Arabia
・South Korea
・Sultanate of Oman
・United Arab Emirates
・United Kingdom
・United States