Shipping and Return


About Delivery

All orders are shipped from Japan. Orders placed before 05:59 AM (Japan Time) on weekdays will be confirmed by our team and shipped on the following business day.
Please allow approximately 7-10 business days for delivery from the date of shipment.

Please note that for international shipments, specific shipping methods and delivery times cannot be specified. Depending on the destination and the products ordered, we will choose the most appropriate shipping method. 

Please be aware that factors such as weather conditions, pandemics, natural disasters, and regional circumstances may cause delays or suspensions in delivery. You can track your order by clicking on the tracking number link in your shipping confirmation email which you will receive after we ship your order.


Shipping Schedule for General Products

We will ship your order the next business day after confirmation. Delivery times may vary based on when you order. Please refer to the following shipping schedule based on the day and time of your order:

  • Orders placed from Monday 06:00 AM to Tuesday 05:59 AM: Confirmed on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday.
  • Orders placed from Tuesday 06:00 AM to Wednesday 05:59 AM: Confirmed on Wednesday and shipped on Thursday.
  • Orders placed from Wednesday 06:00 AM to Thursday 05:59 AM: Confirmed on Thursday and shipped on Friday.
  • Orders placed from Thursday 06:00 AM to Friday 05:59 AM: Confirmed on Friday and shipped on the following Monday.
  • Orders placed from Friday 06:00 AM to Monday 05:59 AM: Confirmed on Monday and shipped on Tuesday.



  • Order confirmation and product delivery cannot be processed on weekends and Japanese national holidays.
  • If there is a national holiday during this period, the above time schedule may not apply.
  • Specific shipping methods and delivery times cannot be specified.
  • Please note that we may not be able to combine separate orders,  orders with different payment methods, or orders with different order confirmation dates.
  • Please note that we do not accept orders from forwarders/resellers.
  • Orders placed in the online shop will be shipped from Japan and shipped internationally, and cannot be picked up at physical stores. Also we currently do not offer shipping to addresses within Japan. 
  • If you pay by credit card, you will be billed at the time we confirm your order.
    Therefore,the amount may be charged off before the product is delivered.


Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are generally the responsibility of the customer. However, currently, nationwide shipping is free of charge as a part of our campaign. This campaign may end without notice.


Tariffs and VAT

Tariffs and VAT are established by the customs authorities of the country or region where the goods are purchased, and are based on the country of manufacture and the goods. Classification determines the amount of duty.

The amount you pay at the time of purchase does not include local customs duties and VAT, which may or may not be levied at the discretion of the local customs office. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the relevant tax authorities in your country.




After the product arrives, please check "whether the product is defective" and "whether it matches the content of the order".

If any of the above problems occur, please Contact Us.
In addition, the Tsuchiya Kaban Global Online Store is located in Japan, so after customers order from Japan through the website, the products will be shipped from Japan.
Thus, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for personal reasons after delivery, and the appreciation period is not applicable after receipt of goods.


About exchanges

The products will be subject to strict quality inspection before shipment. If there is any natural damage to the product, if there is any defect in the product, or if the product is wrong, we will exchange the product.

Please Contact Us as soon as possible within 10 days of receiving the product or call us if it is judged to be necessary to exchange the product. After confirming the contents of your order, we will prepare a product for exchange that you can use with confidence.

However, if the product is out of stock, we will issue a refund.


Notes for returning exchange items

  • Leather products are very delicate, so please be careful not to allow nails, sharp objects, water, or sweat to cause stains.
    In addition, the way the leather is stored may also cause marks or blemishes on the leather, so please pay attention to this when sending it back.
  • When you send it back, please return the packaging box, accessories (brushes, keys, etc.), material-related labels, and non-woven fabric to the original condition in which they were delivered.
  • All items to be exchanged must be new and unused and must be returned with all original packaging, accessories, receipts, etc.
    Whether or not an item can be exchanged depends on the condition of the product at the time of purchase.


About returns for customer reasons

Except in the event that the above-mentioned defective exchange item is out of stock, all delivered items are non-refundable.

However, in the event of other cancellations or refunds due to the customer's personal circumstances, the amount of shipping and other related charges incurred will be deducted as appropriate. If the item you wish to return arrives at our warehouse in Japan, we will issue a refund within 1-2 weeks after confirming that the item is correct.

Tariffs and duties in the country of delivery are not levied by Tsuchiya Kaban CO., LTD. Therefore, we are unable to refund the duties and taxes paid to you, please contact your local tax office for details.


About refunds

Credit card refunds are based on the amount of the statement.

- Attention -
Depending on the settlement date of the customer's credit card, the bank may request a refund of the initial amount of the order, and the company will issue a refund after the following month.
Please contact your credit card company for details.

- In particular, returns will not be accepted under the following circumstances -

  • If more than 10 days have elapsed since the date of shipment of the product unless there is a special reason. (Except in cases where we are on a temporary holiday or we cannot be contacted by e-mail and other means only.)
  • When the product has been used (no matter how often or how many times it has been used, no return service is applicable from the moment of use).
  • When the product is defaced or broken.