Celebrating Over 50 Years of Dedication

The enduring appeal of our cherished items lies in the warmth and intention imbued by skilled hands. This connection sparks love in our customers' hearts. By expanding the reach of Japanese craftsmanship and creating durable leather goods, we aim to share this warmth with more people, expressing honoring to craft pioneers. With gratitude, we embark on the next chapter, carrying Tsuchiya Kaban's legacy and heartfelt connections.
Our new mission is to expand our global reach and to share remarkable products.


From Tsuchiya Kaban
(Tsoo-Chee-Yah Kah-Bahn)

Our three core principles

At Tsuchiya Kaban, our three core principles are rooted in the essence of Japanese craftsmanship. We embrace the values of 'craftsmanship,' 'creativity,' and 'timelessness' that drive our brand. We are committed to constantly improving our products and services to exceed customer expectations, while promoting the rich culture of Japanese craftsmanship.


In 2023 Tsuchiya Kaban decided that, after 50 years of selling exclusively in Japan, they were ready to share their brand with audiences all over the world. To mark this next phase they were inspired to create a new brand identity, starting with an updated logo in both English and Japanese.

"Tsuchiya" is named after the founder, who is still active in the company today. "Kaban" is the Japanese word for bag and it's pronounced like this "Tsoo-chie-yah Kah-Bahn".

We also chose a new signature color, "Tsuchiya Blue" inspired by Japanese Indigo, or Aizome. Our new brand identity pays respect to our heritage and also symbolizes our excitement about the future.


Introducing our Latest Creation A Perfect Blend of Craftsmanship, Creativity, and Timelessness

Get ready for a sneak peek at our upcoming product, meticulously designed to capture the essence of Tsuchiya Kaban's brand concept: "new bags that satisfy your heart."
Crafted with natural leather, this bag boasts an elegant silhouette that combines usability and comfort effortlessly. Drawing upon the same exquisite techniques refined over 50 years of Randoseru craftsmanship, carrying this bag evokes a profound and fulfilling sense of satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates on this exceptional addition to our collection.