OTONA RANDSEL Italian leather

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Size & Details


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Size & Details

- Accommodates a 13” laptop
- Large outer zippered pocket as wide as the bag and can hold long wallets and paperbacks
- Large outer pocket has opening to insert zipper tab and secure items inside
- When zipper tab is not inserted, items can be removed easily without lifting the flap
- Burnished and creased edges for a sturdy silhouette
- Inner zippered pocket can hold paperbacks, business card holders, and key cases
- Small leather handle to easily and comfortably lift it
- Fold-over flaps on main compartment prevent items from falling out
- Cushioned shoulder straps adjustable to 8 lengths
- Back cushion pad uses long-tested Randoseru techniques for optimal support
- Tuck lock concealed on the front for a sleeker design
- Cushioned backside same soft cowhide as Tsuchiya Kaban's Randoseru for breathability


14.37 × 10.63 × 4.33in / 36.5 × 27.0 × 11.0cm

Strap length

24.02- 34.25in / 61.0-87.0cm

Handle length

1.77in / 4.5cm


3.77lb / 1710.0g


13" laptop (8.7 × 12.4 × 0.8in / 22.0 × 31.5 × 2.0cm) 13" laptop (8.7 × 12.4 × 0.8in / 22.0 × 31.5 × 2.0cm)

Made in Japan

Our Japanese craftsmen create each product by hand with intricate attention to detail and exceptional quality.


An Italian leather backpack whose appeal will increase with time

Crafted from high-end Italian leather, it gives wearers a sophisticated, sharp appearance in business settings. The bag is mainly crafted from soft, rich Vachetta leather. Every single touch will add to the leather's luster and feel, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Our craftsmen apply the experience obtained from the production of Tsuchiya Randoseru bags and use the same techniques to make the back cushion pad and shoulder straps, for a comfortable carrying experience. This playful yet classic work bag for a new generation was created by Tsuchiya Kaban specifically for adults.

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What is the OTONA RANDSEL?

Inspired by our best-selling bag, the Randoseru, the OTONA RANDSEL takes all the best qualities of the classic Randoseru: structured body, weight distribution technology, and large capacity, but offers an updated and sleek silhouette built for today’s world.

The Meticulous Craftsmanship

"OTONA RANDSEL" may seem simpler than Randoseru, but it boasts over 150 components and involves a meticulous manufacturing process with more than 300 steps. This focus on durability ensures it retains its shape for an extended period. To avoid an overly rugged appearance, the design is carefully tuned to strike a balance that reflects the mature dignity of adults while maintaining its strength.

Spacious Box-Shape

Classic Itarian Waterproof Waterproof large magnet
13" laptop
14" laptop

Type of flap

There are two types of flaps. One is covering it with a generously large piece of leather. It has an external pocket under the flap, making it easy to access small items. The other type features a smart magnet closure on the top flap. The magnet is hidden from view, creating a simple design that may puzzle observers on where to open it.

Various designs of pockets

Classic, Italian leather, Waterproof have pockets that can store small items such as wallets and smartphones when you open the large flap. They come in various shapes, thicknesses, and sizes. Even when the flap is closed, you can still access the pocket from the side using a zipper, making it a convenient pocket.

Customer's voice

Dear Tsuchiya Kaban Team

Yesterday I have received my first product from you, the Otona Randsel 003large.

I have to say, I am blown away. What a fantastic product and craftmanship (including the packaging). I am 51 but was jumping around like a kid in a candy store. This bag will be a loyal companion and certainly not the last product I buy from you.

Congratulations to the entire team for creating such a product and upholding the traditions of outstanding craftmanship – I bow to you.

Mr. Sertel