What’s in Your Bag?

Jonathan Sielaff Co-Owner of OLO Fragrance + Siela Fragrance

Tsuchiya Ambassador, Jonathan Sielaff, seen here with his Tone Nume Medium Backpack.

Photographed at the Olo Flagship Store in Portland, Oregon, a business he shares with his wife, Heather Sielaff. 

Hey Jonathan! Nice to see you, thanks for chatting with us about your Tsuchiya Bags. First question: Is this your work bag or everyday bag? When do you use your bag?

I use my bag throughout the week to take my laptop, etc, back and forth from work. I also use it as a light camera bag - most recently to take photos of a friend's rock band at the Lloyd Center Mall.

What does this bag say about you?

I suppose it says I like practical things made from luxurious materials.

What’s in your bag? Can we have a peek? 

Minolta Camera, my laptop which has a picture of my cat, some headphones, sunglasses, KoBo e-reader (I've heard that KoBo is better for authors), another camera a little Olympus, my phone, PORTRA films, Band-Aids (because I always cut myself ), Paula's Choice Lip Balm with SPF 50, Muji lens and glass cleaner (I love these they work really well), a multi-head screwdriver for some reason, my keys, a book by my friend Matt Marble, OLO fragrance, actually it's a blend of 75% DARK WAVE and 25% DESERT PALM.

If someone found your bag and looked inside, what would they think of you?

When the Tsuchiya team was taking a picture of the contents of my bag, they said "city boy", which made me laugh but also, I guess that makes sense...

What’s the most important item you carry in your bag?

Probably my laptop. I use it for work and music (both recording and live processing).

I like this little pocket inside, I put a book or small things in there.

I love that these snaps come up, so I can fit a little bit more in there when I need to.

What’s the strangest item you’ve carried in your bag?

I don't carry many strange things in my bag because I like to keep it nice and clean!

Thank you Jonathan! We love your style and the way you wear your Tsuchiya bags!

Jonathan Sielaff
Owners of OLO Fragrance/Sielaff Founders
OLO 234 NE 28TH AVE. PORTLAND, OR, 97232
@olofragrance / @sielastudio / HP

Tone Nume Medium Backpack

A luxurious and comfortable square backpack made from the special leather

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