Makiko Miyama of Tsuchiya Kaban Japan

Miyama’s career in the international high-end fashion industry led her to realize the exceptional craftsmanship of Japan, particularly the precision and beauty in sewing and finishing techniques. “Those past motivated me to join Tsuchiya Kaban, as a renowned Japanese brand committed to the entire process of production and sales, with a rich heritage that I have been passionate with showcasing globally! “

Miyama’s Typical style at Work

-Balance of Comfort and sleek-

She shares her perspective on her modern work wardrobe, saying, "I have a preference for earth tones and monochromatic outfits made with high-quality materials to maintain a sense of sophistication while prioritizing a relaxed silhouette." Her go-to style includes an oversized long coats, wide-legged trousers, and dependable sneakers, as she loves strolling along the quaint streets of Tokyo's downtown neighborhoods, drawing inspiration for her work.

Miyama’s Favorite 1: Ruffle Gathered Tote

Splash of Elegant

For moments when she wishes to add a touch of understated elegance, she pairs a Ruffle Gathered Tote with her outfit featuring drapery lines. “This bag is not only stylish but also practical and pretty light-weight, as it comfortably accommodates my essentials, iPad Pro and offers pockets on both the inside and sides, easily facilitating organization”."

Ruffle Gathered Tote
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Miyama's Favorite 2: OTONA RANDSEL Waterproof large

From work to dinner out

On days filled with appointments such as research, meetings, and dinners, I opt for the sophisticated OTONA RANDSELWaterproof large. This backpack, known for its sharp and cool design, is a signature creation from Tsuchiya Kaban, always exuding a timeless and gender-neutral appeal. It perfectly encapsulates Tsuchiya's history and craftsmanship honed in long-standing Randoseru manufacturing. While maintaining its refined boxy shape, it seamlessly accommodates items like laptops and work tools.

"The beauty of its form also serves as an accent to my outfits, often prompting compliments when I'm wearing it. It's a versatile bag that is both functional and distinctive, striking the right balance between formality for office attire and suitability for evening outings."

OTONA RANDSEL Waterproof large
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