Creating a memorable visit to Tokyo with Tsuchiya bags

Japan has finally opened its borders to overseas tourists!
What are the places that these two girls visited on their first trip to Tokyo with Tsuchiya bags?

Backpacks × folk-art shop

Our exceptionally soft and elegant leather bags will not tire you out after a lot of shopping and will protect even fragile precious folk-art dishware.

Vainno Round Backpack
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Shoulder bags × local snacks

Fully equipped with ample compartments, it's easy to get your snacks and stuff in and out. Casual and versatile yet sophisticated, these shoulder bags allow you to embrace Tokyo as if you were living there.

Tone Nume Ziptop Shoulder Bag
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Tone Nume One Shoulder Tote
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Dressed-up Bag × Night Stalls

Going out into the lively evening streets wearing bags that add a touch of flair with petal-inspired shapes, belt buckles, and gathered ruffles.

Editor Bloom Shoulder
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Ruffle Gathered Tote
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Tokyo stroll vol.1
A Date in Nostalgic Downtown Tokyo
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