Choosing Your Tone Nume:

A Travel Companion for Any Size of Trip

Packing for a trip can be so hard, you want to bring just the right amount of items with you, not too little and not too much.  You want a bag that can do it all for you, no matter what size of trip it is.  From a neighborhood stroll to an overnight, we want your Tsuchiya Kaban bag to fit your every need.   We often like to test our bags to better anticipate what our customers need in common, everyday situations.  Here are 3 scenarios we’ve used to explore what bag from our Tone Number Series would work best for a casual stroll, a day trip, and an overnight.

"Casual Stroll"

A versatile bag that can be worn on the front or back of your body. Light and easy for a hands-free carrying experience.

You’re headed outside, on a walk to the nearby park perhaps, or your favorite cafe. The "Crossbody Bag" is the perfect companion for these spontaneous outings, carrying only the essentials and leaving you hands-free. Thanks to the versatile shoulder strap, it adapts to your size, for example, if you want to layer over a sweater or jacket. A compact bag that can hold a surprising amount of things!

"Day Trip"

Easy to use and versatile, the classic messenger bag

Whether strolling through your favorite city or dropping by familiar shops, the “go-to” partner for those leisurely trips is a messenger bag. Recommended for its practical storage capacity that accommodates your essentials, and then some. Wallets, keys, notebooks, headphones, snacks, water bottles, cameras, and everything you’d need for a day trip are neatly organized in the interior and exterior pockets of this bag. Plus, the more you wear it, the softer and more beautiful it becomes.

"Overnight Trip"

Travel in Style with Leather Weekender Bag: Roomy, Organized, and Ready for Adventure

Throw it all into your weekender and GO! A few changes of clothes, your grooming kit, a book, your tablet, snack, water bottle, your travel essentials - this bag fits it all. Various interior and exterior pockets help keep your smaller items organized and the longer strap is comfortable worn over your shoulder or carried in the hand.

We want to be a part of your next adventure

Whether you are taking a short trip or an extended weekend, we have a bag to fit your needs. These rich experiences of your life become wrinkles in the leather, a unique recording of each travel memory to carry with you always.

"Tone Nume" Series
Recommended Bags

"Casual Stroll"

Downsizing the "Shoulder Bag" for a more casual, easy-to-carry feel.

Tone Nume Medium Shoulder Bag

The perfect, compact size that holds everything securely without bulk, ideal for strolling through unfamiliar streets on your travels.

Tone Nume Box Shoulder Bag

Effortless functionality with a touch of adult elegance, accommodating essential items in a compact manner.

Tone Nume Crossbody Bag

"Day Trip"

Indulge in the luxury of the leather with our backpack - Featuring a drawstring-style cinch top

Tone Nume FlapTop Backpack

A generously sized single-flap leather for an indulgent touch, creating a relaxed holiday vibe.

Tone Nume Shoulder Bag

A luxurious and comfortable square backpack made from the special leather

Tone Nume Medium Backpack

"Overnight Trip"

A leather boston bag that's easy to carry, perfect for a variety of occasions.

Tone Nume Weekender Bag