Heather and Jonathan

Sielaff Founders, Owners of OLO Fragrance

”We both appreciate well made things, especially when we will be using them on a daily basis.”

”I love being able to wear it over my shoulder or carry it by the handle”

The large front compartment holds books and sunglasses, and the inner pocket can carry keys and a phone. Despite its small size, it has a lot of storage space.

The leather is quite soft and smooth. The shoulder strap is easy to adjust. "The more I use it, the more comfortable it becomes with my body.”

OLO is not only work, but an art that emerges from their daily lives.

Heather started making fragrances as a hobby while working at a company in the wellness field, but as word of mouth among her friends grew she decided to start OLO as an official business in 2009. A few years later, her husband Jonathan joined and since then the pair have been doing everything from production and development to design, packaging, and distribution.

The unisex, delicate, and poetic scent of OLO has fans around the world.

They both use Tsuchiya Kaban backpacks for their daily commute.
"I have been carrying my laptop and e-reader in the backpack to a cafe or the office. It’s also perfect as an overnight bag for quick trips out of town." (Jonathan)

OLO Fragrance studio
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