Ariel Stark-Benz

Founder/Owner of Mister Green

Ariel Stark-Benz is the founder of Mister Green, an LA-based cannabis lifestyle shop. Items such as apparel, apothecary goods, and tools to enjoy cannabis more elegantly are designed by himself and there's a continually modest and playful selection available to create a high-end and welcoming space to guide you into the culture.

This one-of-a-kind brand concept was created during a short stay in Tokyo in 2014. At that time, he was impressed with the extremely good quality of Japanese design and craftsmanship. The examples are endless and one is the randoseru worn on the backs of all the children in Tokyo.

Japan is a wonderland of design and craftsmanship.

"There is a spirit of consideration for food, nature, and small things. I got into Japanese culture from street culture, but I'm grateful for all the things and ideas I got from living there. I was convinced by the background that gave birth to randoseru made by craftspeople using durable and authentic materials so that children can use them for many years. The culture of Japanese design and craftsmanship is an endless wonderland to me. It's even a part of my identity."

What do you put in it?

Things like a laptop, notepad, and headphones. The Randoseru has a firm and wide gusset so even if you put hard items inside, they don't get crushed. An original carabiner is attached to the hook so it's easy to hold and hang anywhere, making it even more useful.

A distinctive “subtle elegance”

While a street brand, Ariel says he’s always presented a subtle elegance added to it. This spirit can be seen in the stylish space that resembles a gallery and defies the stereotypes of cannabis.

I dress better for this bag.

He fell in love with a briefcase for the first time in his life when he saw this at Tsuchiya Kaban. It resonated with the “classic vibe” combined with daily use which is the core essence of Mister Green. “Just by matching this briefcase with an ordinary outfit, a sophisticated impression is created. This bag has made me want to be a little more dress better. I think the bag gets you a little high because of the mood it puts you in.”

Mister Green
3019 Rowena Ave Los Angeles, Ca 90039
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