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How to Choose the Right Randoseru?

Height of model (left to right): 5'1"(155cm), 4'1"(125cm)

What is Randoseru?

A “Randoseru” is a backpack traditionally used by Japanese elementary school children. The name originated from the Dutch word ransel, which means rucksack. It’s said that the randoseru was first used as early as the Edo era (1603-1867) by Japanese soldiers. In the 1880s, students at elite Japanese private schools began using their military rucksacks to carry their school supplies. The use of the backpack spread to elementary schools across Japan after 1955. The randoseru has been continuously improved by craftspeople over the years, but the basic form remains. It is a bag that Japan is proud to share with the world.

Height of model (left to right): 5'5"(165cm) ,5'9"(174cm) , 5'8'(172cm)

Tsuchiya Kaban’s Randoseru, which is made by hand by highly trained craftspeople, is known for its waterproof leather, superior functionality and timeless design. It can be used by adults and children alike. The production process includes over 150 parts that are assembled in over 300 individual steps. Each bag is then inspected and subject to strict quality control before it’s declared finished. Our craftspeople also consider the needs and feedback of users and continuously tweak the design. These are the reasons why the Randoseru has become such a timeless product.

Features of the Randoseru

Distinctive design

The design of Tsuchiya Kaban's Randoseru has several distinctive elements. One is the side profile, which has a double structure of resin and sponge glued together, helping to maintain its beautiful boxy shape. Another element is the back cushion pad, which is soft and has excellent breathability. A third element is the shoulder straps, adjustable to seven to eight different lengths, making it suitable for both children and adults. The bag also features movable strap attachment rings, uniquely shaped side rings that can be used in a variety of ways, and a manual magnetic fastener.

Waterproof leather

People generally have the impression that leather is not waterproof or that leather maintenance is not easy. The leather used to make Tsuchiya Kaban’s Randoseru has undergone special processing to make it water-resistant. This also makes it much easier to clean and maintain compared to other leather products.


Our randoseru design is unique because very few bags have stood the test of time and have been worn by such a variety of users. We have taken this classical design and have upgraded the functionality of it using the data and feedback of hundreds of users over several decades. Comfort, durability and design are at the core of our value system and our products are meant to last a lifetime.

Height of models (left to right): 5'5"(165cm), 5'9"(174cm), 5'1"(155cm), 4'1"(125cm), 5'4"(163cm), 5'8'(172cm)

The wide variety of colors in a timeless design is one of the reasons why the Randoseru is coveted by people of all ages from all over the world. Tsuchiya Kaban began selling its Randoseru in areas outside of Japan starting in 2020 after seeing the demand for backpacks with functional designs.

Randoseru Series Lineup: 3 main materials

Three main materials are used to make Tsuchiya Kaban’s Randoseru: Cowhide, Cordovan leather and synthetic leather CLARINO®️ F.
All types of leather undergo processing to make them water-resistant. The biggest difference in terms of appearance is that the surface of Cordovan leather is smooth and glossy, and there are 2 rivets on the flap. The cowhide has a more natural leather texture and has 4 rivets on the flap. CLARINO®️ is known for being light and soft so it easily fits to the body from the first use while also remaining durable.


Our cowhide has a natural leather texture, making the surface durable enough for the wear and tear of daily life.

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Our Cordovan is a premium-grade leather tanned from the hide of a horse rump. It is known for its incredibly smooth hand feel.

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Clarino, used in our Randoseru Lite Collection, is our premium synthetic leather, specially developed to be both durable as well as incredibly soft and flexible

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