The personality of leather

The personality of leather

1. Leather’s Natural Expression

The most fascinating aspect of natural leather is that it’s not a standardized or immutable material. Instead, every piece of leather has its unique expression. To fully present the original expression of natural leather in its products, Tsuchiya Kaban chooses to retain all the original “natural imprints,” including scratches, grain differences, veins, and pores. If you take a close look, you’ll be able to see all the imprints on the leather surface that give it its unique expression.

2. About the Material

Differences in fiber structure or surface color and luster give the material an absolutely unique expression. For example, friction or exposure to water can cause color dulling, color transfer, or deformation. Fibers can also become damaged if they come into contact with sharp objects, and friction may cause pilling on the surface of some materials.

3. About Light-colored Leather

Due to the nature of leather, small black spots may sometimes appear on the surface. This is completely normal, so please don’t let it affect how you use your product.

4. Bloom on the Surface of Leather

Leather materials absorb oil or wax when they are processed. When the environmental temperature around the leather changes, the oil may emerge onto the surface in the form of a fine white powder. This is called “bloom,” and you can use a leather maintenance brush or the pads of your fingers to gently wipe the bloom away. Bridle Leather has an especially high wax and oil content, so products made from this material will appear to be covered in a layer of frost. In fact, a thin layer of frost may appear on any leather that has a high oil content.

About Bridle Leather

5. The Uneven Surface of Leather

Due to the nature of leather, irregular bumps may sometimes appear on the surface. If this happens, please place the leather bag upright in a well-ventilated environment with a low humidity level for several days.

This phenomenon occasionally occurs on the inner layer of the Randoseru.

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