Repair inquiries

Repair inquiries

To allow you to use our leather products with complete peace of mind, Tsuchiya Kaban’s professional craftspeople will handle any necessary repairs.

We welcome you to contact us through email if you have any repair-related questions or would like to know more about our repair service. Please send the following information to our customer support email, and our support staff will assist you as soon as possible during working hours.

Customer Support Email:

Please be sure to include the following information in your email.

  • Full name of purchaser
  • Contact number
  • Place of purchase
  • Date of purchase (year/month/date)
  • Purchase order number (if purchased through website)
  • One frontal photo of the product to be repaired and two clear close-up photos of the particular place on the product requiring repairs

Please click the button below for common repair issues.

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